Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My life as a service dog

Hello, let me introduce myself I am Phoebe a 4 year old Lab, I am also a Service dog to my human Hannah. Before I was a dog of service I was a show dog, When my show career was over my owners donated me to an organization in which trains dogs of service. I stayed with my first trainer Linda for a while, where I got to go to training classes and swim in a pool, She saw how special I was. I was then turned over to Abigail for special training. I loved living with Abigail and her two kitties. In march of 2016 I was introduced to my now Human mom Hannah. It was love at first sight, I just connected with her and she with me. That first meeting I knew that was where I was destine to be. My human made me feel like a pup and I just wanted to keep her safe.

It all began a day in March 2016 when my humans mom got a phone call to come and meet me, They came to the training facility and that is where I saw her, My maybe human she was timid and very inward. From what I could understand I was needed for seizures and anxiety. The person has Epilepsy and has seizures in her sleep. I couldn't get over how sweet her talking to me and her touch. I just knew that this was my forever person and I wanted to help her. I was sad when I left as I didn't get to go with her, my training and hers would have to begin together. She would have to work with other dogs and I had to step it up with Abigail, The good news was that we would work together and be together, I would have to remember her smell so I would be ready the next time I saw her. And my person's mom took lots of pictures for her to have of me. 

In order for me to be with my person I had training and they had to figure out the fee to get me, Fund raising was to happen and once that was complete my person and I could be together, But this would take time Time that I would be away from my person. It will be months before Either one of us is ready to be together, Target goal is Nov-Dec 2016