Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's the day

Today is the day we go on the boat, If every one is excited why are they still sleeping. But thats okay gives me time to sit outside watch the traffic and listen to the early morning sounds. And watch the sun rise.

Sitting out here I realize life is okay, we get by we do what we need to. It's baby steps and a learning process. And we are never to old to learn.

I can not wait to see my children's excitement, their awe and wonder of it all. Lilman so enjoyed the plane ride yesterday. It was that innocent and scared excitement I think. Diva is concerned that there will not be kids on the boat, But I am sure she is wrong. well I know she is wrong.

Lots of exciting day's ahead , early mornings and late nights. Just was thinking will we need a vacation from our vacation.

Well this could be my last blog for the next eight day's not sure yet.

Law student and business major I really do wish that you could have shared this experience with us. And don't think for a minute we would not be thinking of you. We love you both so very much

Friday, August 27, 2010

our flight to sunny Ft. Lauderdale

on the way to the airport at 4:40 AM

Funny when we checked our bags one was a pound over, took out two evening bags and it was fine who would have known a beaded bag would weigh so much. TSA opened one bag to look at my wine but then sent to straight through.

This is the site that the kids saw as we awaiting to board our 6:30 am flight. Can I say they had excitement abound.

We arrived in sunny Florida ahead of schedule at 12:15 pm. Got our bags and met my sister.

Humidity sucks forgot all about that. lots and lots of people. so not used to that either. Florida drivers are crazy, They even honk at railroad crossings with the gates down.

My sister took me to the mall to buy hubby his birthday present, I got him a good pair of sunglasses as that is what he wanted. A side trip to the cemetery to visit my parents and my brother, very nice peace place, a good place to reflect.
Then off to wal-mart for water, soda, and birthday cake. I forgot how the humility makes my fingers swell up. they are so stiff.

Dinner was pizza, Then cake then of course catching up, we always spend little time visiting so this was nice, the kids spent time with each other.

Well today is the big day, not much to do, except wake every one up to get ready. Yes there is excitement in the air. Can not wait to see the ship.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 hours to da plane

okay folks it's soon to be V-day, Who would have thought it would have gained on us so fast.
Well the plane leaves at 6:30am, we are packed loaded, have our ones, and fives.
Car is loaded, boarding passes printed, nook charged, zune charged, kids packed.

Oh yeah did I tell you I broke the 30 pound mark. Yeah me. Dogs are going to fine, Business student will check in with kid next door. Extra food has been left for them. Dishes done, laundry done., Diva has nails lets see how long that lasts.

Snacks for plane packed, Banana's, donuts pop tarts, we leave to early for breakfast.

So I am going on vacation that is a weird concept, I think I did everything at work, I sure hope so, I don't want to come back to a mess.

Well I am leaving with two kids but if lilman and Diva keep fighting with each other I will come back childless. Cause they will become shark bait, It will be fine I will be out to sea. at least thats what Harry say's in Armageddon. So I will be protected.

I am not sure there will be a blog in the morning as 4 am comes year but I will blog our adventure tomorrow.

Night all and don't let the bed bugs bite

23 hours and counting

It's going to blow, yes it is, this time tomorrow I will be sitting on a plane waiting to take off. Then by 12:30 pm I will be in Ft Lauderdale.

I reviewed my list and it appears I am ready. I just need yo get them some snacks for Breakfast in the morning on the plane.

Take the vacation coin fund to the bank, get ones tell them we are going out of the country,

So the upsell fairy called wanting to sell me an upgrade, it was very tempting, one of the penthouse suites, double the space with a tub, bigger balcony, I wanted to I really did, then hubby said to do it, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Now I will wonder if I made a mistake not doing it. Oh well win some lose some.

So I really hope the kid next door doesn't let me down with my fur babies. That would be a devastating thing to come home too; But I am going to hope for the best and have faith.

Well more later

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two day' of work left

Two day's of work, Work the place you go to be tortured right before vacation. Where you have to be but don 't want to be. Concentration or there for lack of is required. Good thing I am not a brain surgeon.

Down 2 pounds yeah bit it may be a little too late, I know it sure has been frustrating. Don't understand I've not done anything different. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining just don't understand this weight lose thing.

So hair is done, nails are done, clothes are packed, Book is in order,

Need the kid next door to get with the program for my dogs, I do hope I see him tonight. I am getting worried. I'll be sunk if he bails on me. Don't think he will but very nervous.
My babies need to be taken care of, and he has me on edge.

Well more later

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday night

Well another day gone, two more to go, I know that there are things I am looking forward to and things I am not, The roll call has grown and it's not intimate as it was, and I just don't like a who lot of people I have to remember.

We have ten people confirmed for our tour in Panama, I have the instructions on where to meet and I just don't see the point in meeting before hand on the lido deck. Are we that paranoid that we can't think for our selves.

I have no desire to do a cabin crawl, kind of pretentious to look at other peoples cabins so I can see that they may have a better one. I'll pass thank you, Not sure I want to do a 2nd meet and greet, I think one is enough. But remember I am an loner and not sure around others, Don't get me wrong I looking forward to meeting and spending time with my Cruise Critic buddy and her husband. But with the others I don't want to be bound by obligations on vacation.

Now I do know I will be checking our beds for bed bugs it is becoming an epidemic and I don't want to have to say every night don't let the bed bugs bite.

I am not going to worry about a whole lot, I am just going to do and go where we feel we need to be.

On an other note, Have not heard from Law Student I assume that is a good thing and she is getting settled. Business student is settled and his problems have been addressed and solved.

So I really need to do something, but not sure of what.


Okay I have to admit I am at a loss at what to right. I am packed I am ready is it Friday yet.

I need to get with the kid next door for my dogs, go to the bank and then pick up some snacks for the early morning plane ride. Other then that I think I am done.

I have to say this I am so ready to go, Never thought I would be this ready. Life is going to be good.

My Dancing Diva is so ready I think she is more ready then the rest of us, But thats the wonderful thing of being young and having no issues to think about.

Things have fallen into place and it feels so good

Monday, August 23, 2010


S0 today when I got home there was a box, I had let Diva open it and man was she excited. I am a member of deal site and for the past two years, Tony the Tiger has seen the world, He has been to Italy, Canada, on a Disney cruise, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee,Texas, St. Louis, St. Augustine, Alaska, Colorado,And several other states, Well now Tony will be going to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. Plus a short stop in Florida. He is ready he has his Meet and greet shirt on.

Well I am packed. Thank goodness that is done. All packed and ready to go, I think I have everything. Well I hope I do, if not oh well, Just need to put in the toiletries and hair brushes. and we are good to go.

Monday is almost done, then comes Tues, Weds Thurs, then the big bird in the sky to Florida, then the ship. Drink of the Day and sailing away.

Law Student had a wonderful day, found a guy that had gone to school with her at Cooley and he was in her first class today. She seemed to doing well, which makes me happy. Now if only the darn school would get her books in then she will be set. Business student seems to be adjusting well to his new year.

Diet is so so, I am not happy I am at a stand still and I am not liking that. Oh well so I will not only be short but still fat, not a problem I guess still me.

well night blog land I'll catch you all in the morning

three minus V-day

Well this day is getting closer, wow it's been a long haul. All joking aside it will be nice to vacation something we don't do very often. I think with the exception of redoing the suitcases to do the fourth one, I am ready as ready as I will every be.

Work will be hard these next 4 day's but I am will make it through, I will keep busy and the day's will fly. This will do us all good to be away, Now don't get me wrong there will still be worries but these will have to wait.

Port side starboard side who cares, Ocean air, food, fun thats what will be important. And this family plans on having lots of it. Although I will miss my morning blog and my late night blog. But this is a small sacrifice I will have to endure.

law student I do hope you had a good night and a great day, Business student has things to find out for me but it will all be okay

Sunday, August 22, 2010


is tomorrow and with that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then V-day. Okay so the only thing I did today was get my hair done. Not much not exciting, and not when there is so much to do.

Well Law Student made it to Indiana and sounds like she will be okay. I also know that Wendy will be there for her when I can't. So all is good right now with Law Student, who knows I won't be happy unless she is.

Now Dancing Diva, who would have known that it would take a child 2.5 hours to find something to wear to school, It's a fashion show every night. It's a good thing her clothes are limited to a point on the cruise. She is becoming a fashion diva along with her title of dancing diva.

I really hope I can get in gear and finish what I have to do, both at home and at work so that there will be nothing I have to worry about for the 8 days we are gone. I feel I will be prepared , So then all we have to do is let the good times roll and enjoy sun and fun

4 days and some odd hours till V-day

Last night was spa night in the house, after an expensive run to Wal-mart. Law student Dancing Diva and myself, toes and nails great bonding times and a lot of fun.

Well It's 10 Am and Law student is already all packed and gone, on her way to her new great adventure. Little sad this morning as I hate when they leave even thought there are still two at home, my nest feels so empty.

Law student is nervous she is starting a new school, staying with friends of mine and still very afraid. She will do fine she is a very smart, street savoy and very independent. Yup she is my daughter.

So I think I am done with the list, not sure need to make a list from the list. I will have to some of the things I said I was going to do yesterday. But now my children's college problems are almost solve and what isn't solved can wait till I return.

So I think later tonight I am going to research the ship, try to get a handle on the activities I may want to do.

I know the cooking demonstration, ballroom dancing, mixology, and this and this and that

Well not doing any thing being on here more later

Saturday, August 21, 2010

let the final preparations begin

With this being the last weekend till we leave there still was and is so much to do.
Make a final check list
took Diva to have her hair lowlighted, she had her last ASA practice till we get back, It was a good practice.

Repack for a third time as I now need to incorporate the 4th suitcase
Did I say redo the list
I need to do laundry and then again on Weds to be sure we have everything.
I need to remember to get the kids swimsuits as they both wore them last week
Make a final list
Go to the bank on Weds or Thursday and take the vacation change jar fund.

Tomorrow law student leaves, I will miss her. But her adventure is her new beginning. She will do just fine.
Go get my hair colored so people don't think I am Diva's and lilman's grandma that happens a lot. Hubby is going to get a hair cut, Law student picked out the George Clooney look.

Make a list
I need to pick up my house a little no a lot, It has been so neglected these past few weeks when I was having my mini break down and panicking about law student and business major.

Then On Monday the count down really begins, hello Florida, Hello fun boat hello fun yes it has sunk in it's Vacation time

Dolphins, monkeys and sloths

Cruise Line:Carnival Cruise Lines
Building Yard:Fincantieri, Maghera, Italy
Gross Tonnage:110,239
Length:290.2 m (951.4 ft)
Beam:35.5 m (116.4 ft)
Passengers (norm.):2,974
Passengers (max):3,700
Service speed:19.6 knots
Sister ships:Carnival Destiny, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Victory,Carnival Conquest,Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Liberty

Yes folks we are going to follow the blue water road, 5 days folks and my whining will be over, Blog will go on vacation, With the blog going it means wait for it, wait for it, I go too. I have these papers where I ca write down the things for the day do that my bog can be done daily then I just have to upload it the net when I get internet. I am not sure I will have internet on the ship, Not sure I want to. But that is a wait and see option.

I will be taking pictures every where so this will be a very photogenic blog. I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed writing the blog, I know at times I have gone off track and vented but it's been good for me, I have a place to get my thoughts and fears and just whats on my mind out. Even if no one read this It wouldn't matter as I like doing it.

Yesterday on Cruise critic I made a thread get closed and all I posted was I didn't give a rats buttocks what this person thought as she or he questioned my parenting ability, Because I was willing to take my children out of school for 6 day's. I guess to them it was bad parenting and not putting education first. Little does that person know about me and my thoughts on that. So after I posted the thread went poof. Guess they didn't like being called out.

Lets just say I speak my mind, I don't hold back, and if you are my friend or a person who seems to be taken advantage of I speak and let me tell you, I am no dumb little house wife, I can hold me own, with just about every one. But I promise to be on my best behavior while on the boat.

So while we are cruising I plan on reflexing and relaxing I've never done that but we will see if it can be accomplished, I don't know how to relax so I will have to take notes on that.

This time next week, we will be preparing to go to the port, I am sure that excitement abound will hit all four of us, It will be great to watch the eyes and faces of my Diva and lilman, as the adventure of a lifetime begins. To watch them explore and see will be my reward after all it really is all about my kids

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday night

It's Friday night and son much to do and not wanting to do any of it. Diva went to the movies, Law student took her to meet her friends, lilman was suppose to go to a friends house but that friend went some where else.

I learned something today,I am a light weight when it come to alcohol, two glasses of wine and I am ready to call it a night. I guess when I say I don't drink I really don't. I guess I have a week to work on that.

One week and I am going on vacation, it doesn't seem possible. But oh it is, I wont be here in my kitchen next week writing this. I will be at my sisters waiting for Saturday to come. This last week is going to be hectic to say the least. Law student still needs to get to Indy, and I can't send her with a whole lot of money but I will send her with enough I hope to tide her over.

It is times like this that I just hate my life and I feel so guilt even considering going on vacation when I know my kids need the money more then I do. Again this is when life gets in the way.

Life sure has tried to get in the way, almost makes it seem why try and why bother.

This time next week

I will be just about half way to Atlanta, on the first leg of my journey. It is so dream like that all this planning is and waiting is coming to an end. We hit a lot of bumps in the road but looks like we are ready.

I was going to send a box to my sister but scape that idea when it was going to cost me 57.00 so I decide that it will all go into a 4th suitcase. They way I look at it four suitcase one per person. Am I over packed well there are things I could leave here. Not sure I want to. I want to be prepared.

Well the roll call has grown, and not sure what to think of that, seems to be people that post and run, but oh well I am only obligated to attended 2 things and can change the 3rd if I want to. There is only one person from the roll call I am excited about meeting. Her and I should have a great time.

I have most of all my work at work done and should have the rest done with in the next two day's Monday and today. We all know I wont be able to concentrate Tuesday through Thursday.

Since this is my last weekend home, I need to clean my house, Yes i know why, Because I don't want to leave it a mess, and come home to a mess. I am strange like that.

Did I tell you all I no longer really look like a stuffed pig in the red dress, oh there still are a few bumps where there shouldn't be but it looks so much better. Still on the fence about that but I am packing it. I still have 6 day's to lose more weight, not sure that is going to happen but it can.

well guys more later

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One week from Tomorrow

At this time next Friday I will be waiting to board a plane headed towards Ft. Lauderdale. With my three suitcases 2 carry ons, two kids and hubby. Then let the adventure begin. Note written and sent to the school today. Suitcases repacked I think they are a little bit better. But I am sending a box ahead to my sisters. My sister today is her birthday, I hope it's a good one.

Lilman had football practice yesterday, He isn't as excited as last year could be because he will miss a week. But he is so excited about the cruise.

Grab bags done, list is being checked off, only thing left is getting the kid next door about the dogs. I need to write down some things for him. Nothing much just a few tips.

Just a few more things to get done at work, well until my boss decides to add more. But I have most of the items done that needed to be done and the rest will be done by Tuesday so that weight is off my shoulders.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank Goodness for friends (Wendy)

They say angels come in all shapes, sizes, ages and when you least expect it. I can say my friend Wendy is just that an angel, some one who can be counted on for a person in need. She will be allowing law student to spend a few weeks with her in her home till her school loans come through and she can take her time and find a place.

I've known Wendy for several years and we get to spend a week a year together at our company seminar. It is Wendy that I look forward to seeing every year.

I know can at least relax for the next couple of weeks and help law Student find a more permanent location, But she can start school on Monday and I continue with my count down for vacation.

WENDY, we all love you from the bottom of our hearts

So a week and a day to go

Well folks a week and a day, it's almost time, can you believe it. I can't it has creep up so quick. I think I have a solution for law student temporary till I get back. Need to make a couple phone calls and then I can rest easy and all my worries about the kids will be taken care of. Then I can considerate on being super excited about cruising. Yes cruising the open sea, exploring new places and meeting new people.

I have decided to repack all the suitcases and do a review of all the clothes. Well mine at least. Then pack the rest of our stuff. The time this week will fly I am sure, almost done with all the work items, I have to get everything done or I will not be able to relax, I have always been that way, I just don't want any surprises when I come home.

Well more later

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

single digits

Well gang we are in single digits till vacation. I am going back to two a day's on the exercising, we are at crunch time, need to tone the tummy and try and lose these last 8 pounds. I'll take five but 8 would make me really happy. I don't understand I gained another pound. Well I am going to give it my all.

Lilman and Diva were off to school this morning. Excited they were well at least Diva who loves school. oh to be that young again and like school. 8th and 6th grade, really hard to believe.

So in 9 days at this time I will be flying high in the sky, hard to believe it's almost here. Time really flew this last 45 day's. I am having second thoughts about the whole roll call thing, With the exception of a few I don't think these are my kind of people, We will see I will make the most of this but if I feel uncomfortably I will bow out of the things they have planned on the ship.

And just be with some of them on the excursions. I am a little surprised that my roll call buddy hasn't e-mailed me like she was, I wonder if I have upset her some how. It's been two day's and shew has been really quite, could be she is just busy getting ready who knows.

well work time talk later

Monday, August 16, 2010

So the middle school open house

Tonight was open house well more like drop and meet. where you get your schedule, learn your locker meet the teachers.

So that is what my wide eyed 11 year old lilman did. Scared only describes half of the feelings I saw from him. He learned to open his locker, meet the teachers, wonder the halls. Where as dancing Diva walked around like a queen expected her court any minute. Middle school my baby is in Middle school the last of them. Wow that is hard to believe,

So I took the time to inform the principal that my two would be there this week and until Thursday of next week, then they would be gone till labor day. Which then entailed going back the the Social Study teachers and the science teacher to see if there was things maybe they could write about on their adventures of the cruise and the ports we were going to.

Well it looks like this will be an educational vacation for the two of them, complete with power point presentation when they return home. So looks like we will be doing a couple of different reports depending on what the teachers want.

I am fine with that.

wow the bomb say's 10 day's

So I have a funny feeling this week isn't going to go so well, As I indulged myself last night with the drink my son and I came up with, Can I say I drank a little to much, Maybe 4 of those drinks were not a good idea, So I never made it to church. I am sure it didn't help my diet any. As It appears I gained 1.5 this is not good when I need to go down.

I was a sleep before nine last night, never knew when law student came home, We went to get her stuff, the other day and she stayed one more day to say good bye to her friends in Michigan and came home on her own. I know she is home as she is asleep in the house her and her dog is tormenting my poor dog. With going to sleep before nine, means I was up at 1:00am, 3:00 am and then the final up at 5:30.

10 day's to go and I am not ready, yeah clothes wise, packing wise and all that goes with that. But my mind and heart isn't ready. I have the dread feeling going on and I can't shake it. I just know some bomb is going to drop and my world will collide with something that is going to be devastating.

Well I will be back later

Sunday, August 15, 2010

sad day today

I get to be sad as business student is leaving in the morning and heading back to school. Don't get me wrong I miss both my kids equally when they leave but this son of mine has always been my light., You know when you have a bad day and your world collides, well his smile and attitude just brings everything back where it belongs.

He doesn't know it but he is my rock. He brings me to a place that I need to be. My house seems so empty when he isn't here. It's a mother son thing, this mother is so proud of this boy words could never be told. He isn't perfect by a long shot but so much like me it's scary. I always knew he was destine for great things. He knows what he wants and he strives for it.

Not that law student doesn't do the same and I don't love her equally. I am just as proud of her as the day she was born. Different kids different ways to be proud. She always had a great head, was smart, and lovable. She was my rock my friend I could tell her things and we would work them out together, He on the other hand was the funny one, the one that kept my laughing, Nothing on the out side was serious for him, everything was funny and at times I need that.

It has taken him 13 years to get close to dancing Diva and he has a little brother that worships the ground he touches. Lilman strives to be half as good as he in sports. Diva just knows now that he loves her unconditional. He as he has put it has her back.

Okay enough of the being sappy, I love my kids

Sunday and 11 day's and counting

So now that I am packed, My lists complete, well except for the grab bags. I will be doing three not that I am required to, but diva wants to, and I don't want to leave out lilman.

I printed all my documents, I had printed the door sign but names keep getting added so I will wait to final print it. I still have to print out the signs for the kids, need to make a happy birthday sign for the hubby bought a couple decorations to put on the door for his birthday.

Now that I am packed what do I worry about, this isn't how I operate I need to worry, I need to panic, I need to be last minute isn't that the fun of going on vacation. It would not be right not to have any thing to buy or do for the last ten day's on the countdown concerning the trip.

Well there still is worry about the diet. Still going way to slow for me with 10 day's left. 5-8 pounds would be great. I guess I will just have to realize that this is not going to happen. I should be happy with what I have lost just can not seem to be and do not like the way I look.

It's so quiet this morning every one is still sleeping, But I slept later then I normally do and missed Church. Good thing there is one at 7:30 tonight so I can go. I thought about what am I going to do for the two Sunday's I am gone there will be no church going and that is not good.

I am of the mind set that bad things happen when I don't go to church. I know it's in my mind, But I also feel that G-D is already mad at me and don't need to give him any other reason to be.

oh well chat later

Saturday, August 14, 2010

okay I think I am insane!!!!

We got up early this morning, Registered lilman for Football, got all his equipment. Then Dancing diva and I had pedicures, and I had my nails done. Lilman, Diva and I all had haircuts, We then went and bought the rest of the school supplies, School starts here on Tuesday, but only one hour, wends, half day then a full day Thursday and Friday.

Diva and I still need to me color my hair, and her re high lite it .


I packed but hubby still has things I need to out in there, so we have three suitcases to check, one carry one of clothes and a carry on with shoes only. Now will they look at us weird for a carry on of shoes. Don't know don't care.

I could check a fourth bag but at 15.00 a bag don't know. I need to remember that we are 4 people going away for 9 day's.

So all is packed that I needed to pack so we will see when hubby gets home and I have to pack the few things he has left.

Saturday 12 day's to go

In two Saturday's from now I will be on a big big boat, Eating, drinking, and exploring. Trying to let all the cares in the world and my shoulders sitting on the dock at port. I will pick them back up when we re-dock in 8 day's later.

Football sign ups today for lilman. then to get nail and hair done, then home to see about putting some of my clothes back in the closet that was occupied by business student. Law student comes home today. Hubby and business student went to go get her, I will be happy at least for one night that all my chicks are in the nest.

So I found a new dress that some one was giving away, and thought of my cruise buddy that I have been conversing with. She e-mailed the lady and the dress is hers. Now she is worried that our dresses are close in style,

Hog wash, there are two formal nights and we won't look like twins lololololol. Besides saves her money on a formal gown as it was free.

well more later

my list is done Yeah

Finally my list is done, now all that is left is to pack it all and weigh the suitcases

Dramamine or equivalent for seasickness Tylenol or Advil Benadryl Feminine products Aloe Vera gel with lidocaine (sunburn) Sun screen Band-Aids Neosporin ointment Lip balm Hand sanitizer Hand lotion Sun screen Band-Aids Shampoo wet ones q-tips Contact lens cleaning solutions, etc. Tweezers Cotton swabs deoderant Razors conditinor Shout wipes Detergent (if you are going to wash clothes on the ship) Febreze or air freshener Clothing and Accessories Hat Sunglasses Sweater or jacket (it gets cool in the dining room) Water shoes Socks or slippers (don’t walk barefoot on the dirty floors!) underwear Miscellaneous Night light Highlighter (highlight to do activities on the Capers) Pen & Post-it Notes (to leave messages) Door Decoration (to easily locate your room) Camera and/or camcorder Waterproof camera for excursions Battery charger for phone and camera Battery charger for phone and camera Walkie-talkies and batteries I Pod and/or laptop if you need it Power strip for all those electrical things Extra film, cassettes, memory cards and batteries Clothes pins (to weigh the shower curtain down) flavored creamer Insulated cup to bring by the pool wine 1’s & 5’s for room service tips and lockers onshore Cheap beach towels Snacks for the room Bottled water Can drinks Bungee cord to hold a balcony door open Copies of travel documents Money Large and small ziploc bags Favorite bath soap magnets Curling Iron, curlers and/or straightener Hairbrush, clips and ponytail holders clock 9x12 envelopes ash tray lint remover

I also have my drink ready for the mixology contest, Wonder how they pick the people they will allow to enter that contest, as the not so newlywed game, I read dancing Diva may not be able to enter the talent contest, read she has to be 16, I don't think that is to fair. But I guess we will see.

The meet and greet may be a problem as I read all over the place that it is very important for the kids to be there at orientation for the clubs, If not then they may not get included with the other kids as part of any of the groups and that would suck.

Missing the meet and greet isn't going to kill me, but who knows.

Friday, August 13, 2010

our two week menu

The food menu for the next two weeks, As you can see it only goes to the 26 as on the 27th we will be in Florida.
So it includes a lot of fish as my oldest is a vegetarian and I don't feel she should not eat what we eat

Friday the 13th and 13 day's to go

I wonder if they will be ghouls or normal on this trip

I've always hated Friday the 13th don't know why it's just a day, after all I owned at one time a black cat. Yesterday my husbands paycheck didn't come so waiting this morning before I go to the post office.

This morning I am tired and just have the feeling of dread. You know that in the pit of your stomach don't know why it's there feeling. Tonight I plan on getting a lot done, but the key word here is planning. I want to review the fun times some more to get an idea of things., It is hard as the type is very small but still can make some of it out.

I really want to sign up for the mix drinking contest. I have a recipe here for a drink but need to tweak it. I can sign up but then have to see if I get picked. I don't have the best of luck but I can give it a try.

They have a talent show and dancing diva is wondering if she can do it. As most things they do you have to be over 18. We will have to ask once on board. Nothing to bring her something to dance in and her music. From some of what I read on the fun times the kids should have a good time there, there are several late hour things for them to do.

Ballroom dancing wonder if I can get my hubby to take lesson's, I wonder what I can get my husband to do. Most times it isn't much. My husband is not a big doer. Now give him a fishing pole, a race car and he would be in heaven.

Okay must get ready for work oh how I would love to stay home today, But that isn't going to happen so we will chat later

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've been very busy person

I did all the shirts

these are for Cruise critic buddies, we traded I made shirts and she bought me goats milk to donate to the Jaguar rescue center,

After I did the shirts I made door signs for lil man and dancing diva
I need to make one for Hubby they are not the best but they will do and it will be a surprise for them. I want to get some magnets and a few little things so we will see how creative I can get.

Plus I also have the roll call sign. Although that keeps changing, as more people are joining the roll call. I am glad that there will be some kids, the same age as mine.

Part two of today

So I went into work and got quite a bit accomplished today. Almost done with that 3rd budget. Files are looking good. Nothing major so out pre audit is going well.

Going to make the rest of shirts I am making. Then it's list time, and menu time as I have to plan the coming two weeks food.

So I got a peek at the Freedom Cruise that dock back in FT. Lauderdale on 7-31-10 fun times. and the one thing I didn't want to do was to worry about time, and the time to do things. Well the first day it would appear that is just what we will do.

Boarding, eat lunch go to room drop off carry ons. Then sail away at 4:00 pm, Muster drill about 4:30, Orientation for both the carnival camps, that lilman and Diva will join, then run to the spa to register to win the GC for 500.00. The the Meet and Greet is suppose to be 1/2 hour after Muster. Don't ask me but that is a lot of running in an hour.

It will be the most important to get the kids to the camps before everything else. So I am not sure we will even make the meet and greet now. Not sure how long it will last and can not seem to get an answer on the roll call board. Oh well not the end of the world.

14 day's and counting

This morning is going to be short and sweet and I will blog more later. I got up late and that doesn't ever happen. It only happens when I don't sleep well, but I didn't realize I didn't sleep well. Well business student is loaded up and will be taking his things to school today, Law Student took her last final yesterday, and will be home this weekend.

Dinner is in the crock pot. Beef Aju, we love these.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15 day's and the real count down begins,

Our home away from home in 16 day's I borrowed some one else's photos so you all can see what the inside looks like

Wow just 15 day's it's amazing that this is all, I can remember when this was just in the discussion stage. Did we didn't we, and then the plunge was made. Then the deciding where and when, what to do when off the boat. Then the lists, many many lists. It's hard to believe that now we are down to just 15 day's and counting.

New T-shirt that they designed for one of the excursions, now I am not sure that I am doing this as I really don't want to be that obvious when traveling. But I may cave we will see. I have planned out all my outfits and this just doesn't fit in the mix.

I may make one for the 2 kids but still not sure, we will see. It's hump day and I am getting closer to finishing the major work projects. I know that I will be a huge weight off my shoulders.
Weight well still a slow processes. There is no magic pill for me to take to get these pounds off.

It's time to review all the lists tonight. well after Softball practice that is. Business student is moving him self this week so I don't have to worry about him, We need to bring Law student home some time this week. I read her blog she is still having a hard time, I will talk with her tomorrow as she has a final today.;

Then we will have to find her a place in Indy. This may not be easy as time constraints are a problem all the way around. Lilman gets signed up for football Saturday, and I need to take him and have his blood work redone.

Well Time to get ready for the rat race I will chat later today.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

now this sounds exciting

One of our excursions this one is in Costa Rica

This is the first group in History of the Cruise Ship that come to Costa Rica that will visit this Jaguar Rescue, the First so this is a Memorial Tour.
one hr 15 minutes away on the Panama Highway is the Jaguar Rescue:


work out work out

OH no 16 day's to go and I get on a plane, But wait my body isn't ready, I am still fat, overweight and not liking what I see in the mirror. Can I not have another 30 day's please Ill be good, I'll stick to my work out program, I won't eat.

I am going on a once in a lifetime cruise, Why can't I have a once in a life time body, Don't I( have time to go on the biggest loser, I need a make over where is Ty Pennington, Where is what not to wear, HELP , Wait I am beyond help. Suck it up I am stuck in this short pudgy overweight body. After all as my husband said I don't have a 13 year old body, Now it's worse I am my mother. Now I love my mother But really did she have to give me her body!

So got another project done at work, so one less thing to do there. Still a long way from everything being done, as long as everything stay's the course I will get there, I am on a mission. Vacation, Drink of the day's, wearing my new clothes even though I may not be happy with the body, I still need to wear clothes. So I am exercising again maybe a little to late but I will give it the old try.

So I am closer to be organized, and I am getting a little bit excited, I've never cruised and I have tried to understand that the world will not collapse if I am not here. But then there is my billion dollar zoo, who is going to look after that and feed my animals, will they die in cyber space ? will I come home to dead monkeys, lions, dinosaurs yes there are dinosaurs in my zoo, and cute rabbit, butterflies and turtles, Not to mention my island of birds and my aquarium full of whales, sharks and dolphins. It really is a nice make believe zoo that I own. Oh well we can hope that in cyber land they wont die.

Monday, August 9, 2010

work work work

I went into work with a new attitude, Get everything done that needs to be done no if's or ands about it. Now if you don't know anything about HUD, when I interview people I show them one piece of paper and say, This one piece will now multiply into 30 more and then when you think you are done there are 10 more that add on to it.

We are going through 78 files, and making sure all the papers that were the product of the one are in all the files getting ready for my HUD review when I return from vacation. Now multiply that by three properties and Ive killed a small forest. HUD is not green friendly.

I now have 2 of the 3 budgets done. Special claims for one almost done, finishing touches tomorrow and this doesn't include the day to day stuff I need to do. I told my assistants that I need to have all their month stuff no later then Aug. 23rd so I can close out my month before what here it comes MY VACATION, YES I AM GOING ON VACATION. NO PHONES, NO COMPUTERS, No one can call me. There I said it.

This will be the first time this has happened in 13 years with this company. I am not going to worry about the 3 properties, I have an excellent staff and they are well trained. ( so I hope)

Almost Crunch time

With 17 day's till we leave for Florida. This will be a busy week, Have so much to do at work, have to see that business student gets to moved into school, Have to bring law student home then find a place for her to live in Indiana. Tonight Dancing diva has ASA softball practice.

At least I can say I am organized with my cruise things.
Went over my lists and there are a few things I will need to get. Not much little things. So that is good. It's the little things that trip you up.

I sent my sister several recipes that I told her I would make for dinner the night we are there. It will be my husbands birthday and I also want to get him a cake. Since he doesn't read my blog I also ordered him one on the ship for one night at dinner.

My lilman seems to be getting excited so this is good. He has been chattering about our trip non stop the last few days. It is good to see my kids excited. I'll get there I think. It's not so hard about thinking about cruising, just have to stay focused on the million other things first.

I need to stop at the store and pick up two more shirts, I did the bartering system, I have a friend picking up my goats milk and I am making her two shirts. So that is good. Just wish she would talk her hubby into joining us in the Steak house with the group. I know they would enjoy it.

I want to decorate the cabin door, I have to sit and decide what I want to do. More for the kids then anyone else. Although I have a door sign for the roll call. I need to tweak it to include my lilman and hubby but haven't done that yet.

Well must get ready for work I'll be back later

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well Happy Sunday All

To all my faithful readers, Good morning!

It is a good morning down two more pounds, Replaced my nook last night, Did I tell you all how much I love this piece of electronics. My mothers day present and oh how I love it. Don't tell the family but I may love it more then my lap top and that is a lot.

Was up early today, but not as early as usual, But still early enough to go to mass this morning. I don't know what I will do the two Sunday's I am gone. But I am sure that I will figure that out.

Today I plan on getting everything done I didn't do yesterday and then some. Well at least that is the plan. But you know what they say about best laid plans.

More later

Memory cards ( done)

pre packed my suit case some LOLOLOLOL

made four shirts
okay remind me never to ask my husbands opinion on anything.

I am really touchy right now about how I look, So as you know I have been trying so hard to lose weight. I know it's been slow, now down 25 pounds, and I bought a dress asked hubby if it looked okay, and he said yeah it looks alright, I said do I look fat? he stated well you don't have a body like a 13 year old. In have felt like poop since then

Saturday, August 7, 2010

19 day's and counting

Geez sounds like a TV show.

So today I plan on getting a lot done.

1. Pants and dress to the tailor (Done)
2. Finalize my packing lists
3. Make instructions for the kid next door on the dogs and cats
4. Go over my notes in my book ( Done)
5. Printed our fun pass ( This I didn't want to forget) (done)
6.Check Barnes and Noble to see if there are more books I want to add.
7. Have the kids make their lists so I can go over them
8. Check and down load all my memory cards to my portable hard drive.
9. see what needs batteries
10. Put everything in suitcases and see how we did

More to chat later

Boy I didn't get much done today, This is pure lazy on my part. Maybe tomorrow, Although I did take my nook in to be replaced, the power cord stopped working and it had a crack where you turned the pages. I had no problems doing that at Best Buy as that is where Hubby bought it.

I started the kids trip bags, those were easy. I have my trip bag that is easy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

So soon We can sing leaving on a jet plane

I tweaked the shirt, I do believe I may make these myself, I am creative always have been. So I may give this a chance

So that song we can be singing in three weeks. I figured out why I am so not into this vacation thing. In the 27 years we have been married we have only taken one vacation and that was a week in Chicago. My world has been all about my kids, and I feel guilty even though 2 of my kids are going that I am doing things for me. I am not used to this. My kids are always a priority and their needs have always come first.

You know the more I think about the more it it's stress, it's being afraid. Afraid to have fun, afraid to let my hair down and enjoy myself. Afraid that I could get used to going on vacation, this has never been an option before.

So lets try and move forward.

I want to try and entry the drinkology contest, maybe my drink can be the new drink of the day.
I would like to be on the show the newlywed not so newlywed game. My husband say's he is game.
I want to go to the cooking demonstration, I will have to look at my notes to see what else, Notes I have lots of them.

Fund out today in Costa Rica we get lunch included in our excursion so that is a far winner as I am concerned.

Time is running out and there is so much to do and it seems so little time

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time is ticking

The clock is moving fast, Vacation is cruising up on us fast. And the faster it gets here the more I will state I am not ready. I need to get down to the bare bones and do things.

Lazy I have been, I was doing so well exercising 2 x a day, Haven't done that in 3 day's and i can tell. Gained a few ounces not happy, at least they are not pounds, My dining room table is hidden under a pile of who knows what, I know there is cruise stuff there.

I need to sit down and concentrate on compiling my check lists, there will be more then one.

I printed luggage tags they are now cut, and laminated and hole punched. They are awaiting zip ties. I have all four pass port cards. So that is a good thing.
And yes I have new undies to bring so we wont be forgetting those.

Shoes what to bring we have chatted about clothes, but no where have I discussed shoes. How many pairs, I have my new crocs, 3 pairs of flip flops a pair for formal wear, sneakers and then there are some other sandals I have that i am thinking about. Yes I am a shoe whore since I had my toe nail removed and can wear open toed shoes.

Closed toed shoes are like tee shirts since I have revamped my thought processes since diet they have not been on my body. It's weird when you start doing things different how your mind works.

Also in this thought mode, I talked to the dentist and asked about the two broken teeth I have, I have never had the best teeth in the world. and I refuse to smile, yup no smiles here. He said he can help and then who knows I may be a smiling fool. He did mention that they needed to go ( teeth ) but I am not ready to be that old yet.

Well I will chat more later, Must get ready for work

Okay work well that was an interesting day.

Had eviction court, I hate testifying makes me a nervous wreck. My attorney didn't think the case would go far. I had faith and the lease on my side plus having a detective there sure didn't hurt my case. This was far from a slam dunk, It was just the officers word against hers that there was marijuana being smoked in her apartment. I guess between my testimony and the officers. There is one less drug apartment I have to worry about. chalk up another one for the good guys.

I then had a handicap lady who was returning from the doctors office, fall after she got off the transport bus. Hit her head and her back, so ambulance was called and she is being held for observation. She had dialysis today and they took off pounds of fluid that made her light headed.

So I finally got to talk the kid next door, well not really a kid. and he will stay here and watch my dogs. So now the dogs are taken care of.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

so lets get in cruise mode

This is a design someone did for the cruise, Now I am all for shirts but this late in the game and being as budget minded as I am I think we will have to pass. Besides since the diet and the exercise I have not had a tee shirt on my body since I started. Plus I read the book how not to look old and that is a big no no. So I think this cruising family will do with out the shirts.

So the lilman and the diva are now registered in school and have both had sports physicals. So that is another item off my list.

My list lets see when I think I am done, diva adds to it lets see she now states she needs
1. face powder
2. Eye liner
3. sharpener for said eye liner
4. wants her hair cut and re highlighted
5. wants a pedicure
6. wants a nook plus books
7. and anything else she can think of

Lil man is easy he wants nothing, hasn't asked for nothing man he is easy sometimes

I think I've over thought this packing and what we need. I just don't know. Every time I think I am done, I read somewhere or I think I need something else. Man I didn't pack like this when Diva did pageants but I will admit I was on a tighter budget and brought with me a microwave, cooler/refrigerator that thing is awesome, and a blender. Now I could have fed an army but we ate when we needed to and better and cheaper then every one else. And everyone one in my room for blender drinks that law student played bartender for oh how she felt oh so grown up then. And yes people would comment I brought everything but the kitchen sink but they were sure it was in there somewhere.

Can we say I am an over packer. But I am one who once many years ago packed everything but left my underpants at home. Yup I had no clean panties and had to go buy some. My motto used to be if it isn't packed we don't need it. Well except the underpants episode I've pretty much been correct.

So I have yet to test the waters and test pack but yeah I know I need to. I need to see if all I have can be packed in two big suitcases and be under 50 pounds. Then a carry on. So I am taking bets to see if it can be done. I'll give it 30-80 it can be done. That will have to be my next goal.

So we were sitting here discussing the contract I had done up for the kids, and I was explaining to Diva if I didn't feel comfortable with the people she chose to hang out with then we would be having a discussion. Well Diva being Diva said well I always get along better with guys any way so I bet I will be hanging out with them. Well can we say, will they allow a shotgun on the ship because the look daddy gave her was priceless. It was a say what I don't think so look and was very funny. But I don't think diva liked that too well.

Well goodnight till tomorrow

22 day's till we leave it's getting closer

Wow can that be true, it seems not to long ago we were just trying to decide if this is what we wanted to do. It doesn't seem possible that it is almost here.

We leave on the 27th at 6:30 am land in Fla at 12:30. way to early to get up and go to the airport but I think it will be worth it. There isn't much I still have to do,

1. take clothes to tailor
2. but diva sandals
3. make my final list
4. I think I bought everything except grab bag and non alcohol wine for Diva to sit on the balcony with me

So it would seem everything is coming together. Diva wants a nook not sure that will happen but I will see. She loves to read as much as I do so it would be worth the money.

I know everything I gripped about will fall into place, it always does it's just I hate when my plate is over filled and I can't see the ending of it.

Oh Drink of the day awaits, lazy and exciting day's seeing place we never have, meeting people.
My parents met life long friends when I was 4 in Barbados they were from England, So that is exciting. Not that I expect to do that but I know it is an option out there for people even an intervert like me

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

another day closer

Well it's another day closer to vacation, lots to do today. I think I will try and take one day at a time, that may be the best way to combat the way I feel. It will get better, well that is what I tell myself, oh why do I lie.

Last night my nook cord stopped working. It's a good thing my phone charger fits the nook. Now I have to replace that. Oh I now have my pass port card. That didn't take to long after I had to send them another birth certificate. 2 weeks.

Diva had ASA softball practice last night, The girls all looked like they were enjoying it, unlike the last team that we wasted a whole season with. If nothing else Diva was having fun, and fun is what it is all about.

Tonight I think I may pre pack and see what damage I've done with the suitcases. But that won't be till after dinner. So much to do, so little time. I bring work home with me every day ut just can't seem to want to do work when I am home. But I do need to tackle some projects if I can put them behind me then I may feel not so overwhelmed.
Once I can get these little things done and out of the way maybe I can think of other things. It's just so hard to work at home after working 9 hours every day.

Well I will chat later

So it's later, I am feeling a lot better.

My kids business student, and diva came to my office and helped me file, My asst. has been slacking big time, time to have chat with her, she can not leave these things out of the files for as long has she has. It drove me crazy today to find things I needed. So my other Asst. is coming to this property to help make sure these files are in tip top shape, Ive stressed I don't want to stress while I am away about these to HUD reviews. So I feel better about this today.

I lost another pound today so I was happy about that. I bought Diva a purse she can use on the cruise. She was happy and it was her favorite color Green. I can not begin to tell you how excited she is, she kinda of makes up for me with her excitement.

Grab bags, I have to make a grab bag, I think I will make one for her too. I just don't see the point in doing 4 just two for her and I. Now I have to think of what to put in them.

Trinkets, Oh no I said trinkets. John Deere maybe oh no John Deere, that lead to a post and half. Flood water we have enough of that, corn maybe, soybeans, Too bad we can only bring two bottles of wine, We have a really nice winery here. Decisions decisions.

I am so glad I didn't lose to many of the 6 readers I have with my self pity party. But I will tell you this is very therapeutic and I so enjoy it. So I will try and remain up beat and think that everything will work out. I really do need a vacation, so next post will be sooooo much better that my mood ring will be light yellow

Monday, August 2, 2010

nightmare will never end

I am suppose to be excited to be going on vacation. I just can't seem to get that way. I really didn't want to go in the first place and now there is just so much going on, How can I enjoy myself. I keep thinking this is money we could have spent else where. Could have done so much with it.

Work is being a PITA, then I have to figure out how to get law student home, Then help her find a place to live in Indy, before the 19th of Aug, Business student has to be at school the 14th of Aug. Diva and lilman, have to have sports physical, and I need to register them for school. which starts on the 17th of Aug.

I need to prepare three budgets for work, get ready for two HUD reviews, Finish my month end, then have my month end done for Aug by Aug 26th,

Things are really weighing on my mind. There is so much to do and get done, I can not enjoy any thing right now. Doesn't G-D realize I am one person and I shouldn't be so stressed as he is allowing to happen, People say he answers prayers but I really thing I've reach a disconnected number. There is no way he could have decided the day I was born that I should struggle, and feel this way. You would think that the past five years he would have decided I have had enough. And cut me a break.

Yes I know I know I am blessed 4 great kids, a wonderful husband. But really that is all. He has given me way more then I can handle and I admit I can't handle any more. I don't need an 8-day vacation I need a vacation from life. Because I know when I am away for those 8 day's my would will collapse. I just don't know if I can pick up those pieces any more. I am tired, I have no fight left.

There is way to much on my plate, he has given my way more then I can bare and I really want him to take some back.

Vacation yeah I know fun and more fun, I just don't see it that way

We are in the Month of August

Wow where has the summer gone, Now that we are in Aug so much to do and very little time to do it. Have to register lilman and dancing diva for school, that starts Aug 17th. The need sports physicals that is Aug 4th, I have to take dental information to the dentist then back to the school,. I think Lilman needs a physical, Maybe I can send the form to the specialist in Iowa he is seeing. Business student needs to go back to school, But I still need to get a hold of Financial aid and find some stuff out. Law student needs to be moved out of Michigan, and home then to an apartment in Indy to start school there. Hubby needs an appointment with the cardiologist that I need to make.

Then there is month end and month beginning at work. Then there is getting ready for the HUD review. Dancing Diva starts ASA softball practice today. I know lilman will have football practice here soon.

In am sad that the first time in 9 years business student will not be playing football. I had such pride watching him on the field. But that is a chose he had to make. But I can say one I didn't like.

Need to review all my notes and lists on the cruise. It's a chore now but oh well. I also need to continue with my 2 a day fitness plans, Need to get my nails done, and my hair, Diva wants hers highlighted again.

Oh well to much to think about before 6:00 am

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cruise Contract

Not that I don't trust dancing diva and lilman I just want them to know what I expect from them, I do not expect them to be tied to us 24-7 and I want them to have safe fun. So I decided to produce a cruise contract let me know what you think.


This needs to be an exciting and educational trip for all. We want you to have fun, and at the same time be safe, and courteous to others on the ship. We want to bring you home in the same happy health condition in which you board the ship. We have set up a few rules that must be followed. Any bending of these rules, or stretching the interpretation of these rules will result in the remainder of the cruise spent with none other than your loving parents. Final say will always be your parents.

1) The meeting the first night in the teen club and Carnival camp is required. Most teens from what I have been reading do not hang out there but chose that as a meeting point. The first meeting is required as that is when the parents sign informational papers for each child for you to participate. It is also when and where the introductions take place of fellow teen cruisers and the staff inside the teen club. This information must be filled out if you happen to decide to take part in any of the teen activities organized by the cruise ship.

2) Under no circumstances are you to go to anybody’s cabin nor is anybody allowed to come to ours.

3) You will not go through any of the cabin areas/hallways. There is absolutely no reason for you to be in any of these locations except to return to your own cabin.

4) You will not be playing around on the elevators. For example: pushing the buttons to every floor.

5) You do not accept a drink of any kind from anybody other than your parents or one that you have ordered and is brought to you by cruise ship staff. Nor will you leave your drink unattended. If it is left unattended you are required to order another one.

6) You will be required to check in at a specific time set by your parents and different intervals throughout the day. You will also tell us where you are going, what you will be doing and who you will be with. This is so if plans change for us we can find you to tell you. You can use the walkie talkie using an inside voice at all times and post it notes.

7) If you are in our cabin alone or the 2 of you together, you will be required to have the do not disturb sign posted. Not even crew members (room steward) are to be in there when you are by yourselves.

8) You will be required to join us for all evening meals in the dining room. Unless engaging in a ship sponsored activity. We have the early seating so you will be required to be back to the cabin and ready to go at the assigned time. Make sure you allow enough time to get ready.

9) If you decide to swim, you will be courteous to the adults in the pool. No splashing or “cannon balls” to be cute. Be courteous of adults swimming laps for exercise. Stay out of their way.

10) You will not be obnoxious whether we are with you or you are without us. We expect you to be well mannered using please, thank you, and excuse me at all times. Hold the doors for adults that are passing through at the same time as you, allow people to get off of the elevator before you step on. Just because somebody is rude does not give you the right to be rude.

11) Absolutely no running on the ship!

12) No butting in line at the buffet. And do not take more than you can eat. If you are still hungry you can go back for more. There is plenty of food. I’m sure they plan for people with bigger appetites than yours.

13) Absolutely no cell phone use on the ship (or in ports) It will be set to airplane mode and turned off at all times as well as locked up in the safe.. If I find that you have been using your phone on the ship you will be responsible for the additional charges. It will not be cheap! NO ARGUMENTS!

14) You are not to charge anything on your sign and sail card without prior permission.

15) You will be back in your room every night at 11:00 P.M. unless we have made prior arrangements with you to do something,

16) you will not climb, or do anything that could injury you. You will conduct yourself as if everyone knows you and they will tell us. Ask yourself do I really want to do this, And what would the consequences be If I do.



dancing diva