Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moods and feelings and of course vacation

Some one asked me if I was in a better mood. Moods kind of like the ring from the 70 and 8o's it changes with my thoughts and body feeling. As I was sitting here at 8:30 a late wake up for me I hate getting up late my mood was calm

so as I sat here in my kingdom in a pink mood it really did feel good. No one up to agitate me, as surfed the net not finding anything interesting. Fed my zoo yes I have a zoo and it's worth billions if only in real life that could happen but remember anything is possible in my kingdom.

I have an almost calm ( green) feeling about me but then again the rest of the house is still asleep. So then the red will happen when they all wake up. But I feel the purple all the time my mind never stops. See you all get the picture.

Moods they come and go and really only you can control them, But why they are so colorful.

Weight diet and clothes, Why is loosing weight so frustrating, Here I have been dieting and exercising since the end of April and I am only down 22 pounds, I exercise twice a day, watch what I eat and nothing. Hubby on the other hand is down almost 40 pounds and he isn't killing himself doing it. Most people I talk to say they when they lose 20 pounds they go down several dress sizes. oh not me I only go down one, This is not fair and I am not happy insert mood color black. Why can I not have at least a little bit of the body I had when I was younger.

Oh Joy the kids are up changes my mood to color orange. They are so much fun when they get up. NOT

We really need to go and have my husbands pants altered, and the one dress of mine. And I really should try the red dress on and see if I still look like a stuffed pig. Which would put my mood in the red.

Well thats for my moods as you can see I am a moody person, but then again I am used to it

Friday, July 30, 2010

Night time in my kingdom.

sitting here at the kitchen/dinning room table is where I spend most nights. Queen of the oval table yeah thats me. I direct the army into battle, Diva feed the puppies, lilman unload the dishwasher. Tote that barge lift that bail. Although they feel they are over worked. How over worked can they be, it's called chores and they are the same chores they do every day.

My kingdom an oval table, a lap top and a TV. and lets not forget the coffee pot. On my kingdom TV there are shows like say yes to the dress, Cake boss, deadliest catch, dogs 101, I didn't know I was pregnant, toddlers and tiaras. Gone are the day's of grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, law and order svu, I have satellite but my tv stays on TLC, Discovery and animal planet, there really is something wrong with this picture. Every once in awhile I will watch the travel channel.

Is it wrong I cried when captain Phil died, was it wrong that I was sad Edgar was leaving. Boy I hope Jake finds his dad. That I find it disgusting that people do the things they do on Animal cops to those poor animals, That I hold my breath till they say yes to the dress. And I can bake and I am a pretty good baker, but man I wish I had 1/3 of Buddy the cake bosses talent. Oh no now there is yes to the dress Atlanta oh more brides and more dresses.

My family say's my scepter is my lap top and it is attached to my hands. But I find I can do so much on the lap top. Makes me wonder can I survive 8 day's separated from my lap top and my kingdom. Kingdoms fall and collapses in less time, countries taken over, and wars won and lost.

So from my kingdom when my daughters decide to get married, we will have to go to klienfields in New York for that yes to the dress moment, go look up Buddy at Carlos bakery for that to die for cake. Maybe there will still be the battle of the wedding designers and we can get great ideas.

I never said my kingdom was real

the bomb say's 27 day's 23 hours

wow I remember when we had over 100 day's till travel. Well it's getting closer and I am getting farther away. Go figure. This weekend I will have to have maybe a test run on packing. Going through the motions may help my mood. Who knows. Time will tell.

I am really in a mood, maybe it has to do with the fact I had to pack up a man's apartment, get rid of his belongings, box up things his kids wanted because they didn't know him had not talked to him in 1o years, Now waiting f0r them to send the money so I can ship the items to them. Donated the rest of his items to a place that helps people with out. Don't remember that being in my job description.

Today is court day for an eviction. Oh how In love these. ( not). But you shouldn't smoke pot in your apartment with a detective next door. Sometimes this job is way more stressful then I let on. But have been doing this work for 27 years. I know nothing else. Well I do but nothing I've enjoyed doing.

Oh I may have figured out the pet situation I will know today if it will work. The rest will njust have to come together I guess.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Menu time

So because I have this obsession with having things in order, well not everything, just some things.
I make a two week menu for dinners, I do this every two weeks of a payday two weeks.

Since my husbands heart issues I have to plan a little different then there is the diet. So I try really hard to cook different things with using the same meats each week.

I cook out of two cook books both are cookbook from Taste of Homes, the first one is cooking on a dime. and the other is guilt free cooking. Now I will say the family has been happy with most every thing I have cooked, but I have gotten a thumb down on several items.

This weeks menu will include

Then Saturday I will spend the day cooking so that it is easier to have dinner at an early time. This works when the younger two have busy schedules. And really the last thing I want to do is cook after working all day.

Need to consider

If cruising is what we need to do right now. My older two need so many things for this coming college year. I* am thinking it might be better all around to just cancel and cut our losses. So many things going on I can't keep up.

Although my husband is looking forward as much as the two little ones. Me not so much. I keep thinking about everything that needs to be taken care of with the other two. This is the part where life gets in the way. Life the big question, I can say I hate my life but that would be a lie. I am not happy with my life most of the time. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a great husband 4 wonderful kids. A good job that most times I love. It's the other parts of my life that stink.

If I could go back about 15 years there is so much I would do different that would make such an impact on our life today. I can't say our life these past 15 years have been easy, and we have never been ones to think about what the future will bring. Now I know way big mistake. This can't be changed and not sure going forward it will be better.

Life is wearing me down, in a funk, and very challenging as we go forward. To complicated for a simple person to understand. Trust me I don't understand at all. The no thinking and just doing mind set has got to stop. Even thought I have changed that mind set the damage has been done and can not be reversed.

Yes I am being a Debbie Downer and having a pity party and no one is invited this is a party for one.

One good note this morning my measurements have decreased by one all the way around

I really thing the people in the offices are not to smart

I sent this e-mail


I was wondering is there a way to get a current Freedom Western Itinerary of the Fun Times, In planning I would like to know what special activities camp Carnival and Circle C are having.

Example would be like clothing black and white night and such
This would be a great help in planning what my children will bring

Thanks so much

they sent this back with no answer to the original question

Thank you for contacting Carnival Cruise Lines. We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.
Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the Fun Times as the activities can change each week. I have attached information regarding attire and what we recommend as far as Casual nights and Elegant evening.

What to Wear?

Daytime Wear
Casual attire is the order of the day. We suggest shorts, sundresses, tank tops, etc. for the ladies. For men: shorts, polo shirts, T-shirts, etc. We suggest you wear rubber-soled, low heeled or flat shoes for extra traction while onboard. For dining you may want to dress up a bit and/or bring along a light sports jacket or cardigan.

Note: The use of any footwear with wheels, including but not limited, to Heelys© shoes, is prohibited on board our ships.

Evening Wear
Most evenings we have a Cruise Casual dress code, but there are those Cruise Elegant evenings where you will have the opportunity to showcase your more elegant attire (one evening on a 2-5 day cruise; two evenings on a 6-day or longer cruise). For those who want casual attire for dinner time, the Seaview Bistro on the Lido Deck is open nightly, and has a more relaxed theme. Both dress codes for the dining rooms are described below.

Cruise Casual Dining Dress Code
  • Gentlemen: sport slacks, khakis, jeans (no cut-offs), dress shorts (long), collared sport shirts
  • Ladies: casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses, Capri pants, dress shorts, jeans (no cut-offs).
  • Not permitted in the dining room: gym shorts, basketball shorts, beach flip-flops, bathing suit attire, cut-off jeans, and sleeveless shirts for men.
Cruise Elegant Dining Dress Code
  • Gentlemen: Dress slacks, dress shirts. We also suggest a sport coat. If you wish to wear suits and ties or tuxedos, by all means we invite you to do so.
  • Ladies: Cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses; if you'd like to show off your evening gowns, that's great too!
  • Not permitted in the dining room: shorts, T-shirts, beach flip-flops, bathing suit attire, jeans, cut-off jeans, sleeveless shirts for men, sportswear, and baseball hats.

If there is anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to ask.


Melissa Latortue
Reservations Service Specialist

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

29 day's and counting till we leave for Fl.

Okay it's crunch time. And just found out they want to do one of my management reviews in Sept. Thats not cool, I don't want to have to worry at all about work. You have to be extra ready for these. This is not looking good. Well we will have to see what happens I did ask for it to be at the end of Sept so we will see.

Now I have gone into exercise over drive, Instead of once a day I have started on a two a day routine. This happens when one is not happy in ones skin. I can say that I am not happy. Did you ever watch the show Rollie Pollie Ollie where the mom was head and big round circle for a body, and then there is weebles who wobble and don't fall down. We might say Barney who is all tummy, these are all ways that I can describe myself.

I decide that an lot of people do not have forum manners, kind of reminds me of the two boy's in the highlight magazine where there was the nice kid and then there was the terrible one the one out for just himself and he didn't care about any one else. But i always like a really good debate.
so it seems the post on CC that we were in a heavy debate about has been removed. Oh well must have gotten more nasty after I left it.

So I sit here too tired to think of cruising and everything that entails. I should be doing something just don 't feel like it. They were talking about shirts and usually I am creative where I could think of a name just my brain isn't wanting to work.

Although I did buy an under water camera so take another thing off my list.

So 29 more day's I say we go back in time

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so the count down begins

30 days till we leave for Florida. 31 till we board the ship. I haven't finished making my agenda, I have to have schedule on some of the things I want to do. I have to still go to work for the next 30 day's. Oh now I am scared how am I going to get everything done, then not be exhausted when it is time to cruise. I have to have schedules I have to have structure, I can't just wing it. I am a planner.

I feel like nothing is planned, nothing will get done. This isn't like Christmas decorating, cooking baking, and planning Christmas eve dinner. Heck I think this is worse then Black Friday shopping and everyone who knows me knows how I plan that for months, and I am like a drill Sargent when it comes time to hit the stores. But I am prepared and we all have a great time.

Will this cruise be the same, I mean I have my book, I have my lists, Iv'e read everything I could possibly read. I've chatted on boards, I just don't know. what if this explodes in my face, what if we hate it, What if we don't like being on a ship, did we pick the right excursions??? wow a lot of what ifs.

I am also starting to confuse myself, second guessing my self. Really stressing my self out.

I am so confused

lists I am a list maker,
I have to have everything written down.,
Man you should see my grocery list it is on the computer, broken down by food group, how many what size and coordinates with what I have planned for a menu. I have a budget and get very up set if I miss calculate what I am going to spend. So doing this for a vacation is really mind blowing I could miss calculate, money, excursions, clothes so many things could go wrong. Do they have a cure for this,. What if my other two kids need me, what if something happens to the dogs, cats, or the bird.

And now I am in a heavy discussion on CC about smoking. I detest non smokers who want to change the world and me. I am happy with me. If I didn't smoke I would hate to have to live with me. I would be a bigger Witch, well change the W for a B and you get the message.

What Your “Fun Ship” Cruise Includes:

Food & Drink

Fine Dining in the dining rooms (includes lobster and steak served on every cruise)

Casual Dining at our Lido restaurant, convenient 24-hour Pizzeria, soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt around the clock

Sushi Bar

Lemonade, coffee, tea, water (from a fountain, not bottled water)

Spa Carnival menu offering healthful selections low in calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol

Onboard Activities Day & Night

Serenity - adult only retreat (on select ships)

All onboard clubs, bars and lounges (activities including karaoke, dance lessons and more)

Spectacular stage shows

Live music, including three bands and orchestra

Comedy acts and international singers

Fitness center, steam room, sauna and outdoor jogging track

All pools including children's wading pool (on select ships) and whirlpool/hot tubs

Carnival’s Twister Waterslide OR Carnival Waterworks

(depends on ship)

Mini Golf

Basketball Court/Volleyball court (on select ships)


Carnival’s Seaside Theatre (on select ships)

Sliding Sky Dome – enjoy the pool rain or shine

(on select ships)

Table tennis

Poolside entertainment (live music, games,

dancing and more)

Youth Programs

Camp Carnival for ages 2 through 11

Circle “C” for ages 12 through 14

Club O2 for ages 15 through 17

Stateroom Amenities/Services

Carnival’s Comfort Collection in all rooms

In-stateroom toiletries and amenities

24-hour stateroom service

In-stateroom movies

What’s Extra On Your “Fun Ship” Cruise:

Various beverages (alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees and bottled water)

Unlimited Soda Program (entitles you to unlimited sodas while onboard)

All items from the patisserie (pastries, baked goods, indulgent sweets, etc.)

Use of Spa Carnival and Cloud 9 Spa services

Ship-to-shore communications (i.e. WiFi capability, cell phone roaming charges apply)

Internet Café

Photographs, portraits or film developing

Onboard duty-free shopping

Medical services

Shore excursions

Casino, bingo and other gaming



Golf Academy

Babysitting Services (from 10PM to 3AM in Camp Carnival

for ages 11 and under)

The Steakhouse (on select ships) - reservations recommended

the secrets everyone needs to now

Now we have secret doors for sail away and for docking into port

Any deck with balcony cabins except the Verandah Deck. That's where the bridge is.
Go all the way forward in the hallway until you reach the end. If on the port side go left. If on the starboard side go right. Go out both sets of doors and there you'll find the observation deck.

In the casino, they'll give you a lanyard, as well as punch a hole in your S&S card for you. In the dining room, ask for espresso after dinner - not usually listed on the menu, but I have either espresso or cappuccino every night at no extra charge.Hint: Read your Capers carefully, as some things are in small print. (Take a highlighter.) For instance, "tea time" is not announced in a big separate area, just in the listing of day's activities. I thoroughly enjoy that!
The pizza place also makes a very good Ceaser salad to order, 24/7.

It seems that Carnival has different polices on all their ships. I was on the Spirit this past March, and non-carbonated soft drinks, Espresso & Cappuccino were FREE in the main dining room.Additionally, the non-carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate AND soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt were FREE & AVAILABLE 24/7!

If you are going on an excurtion the next day that does not include lunch...order sandwichs the night before from room service and put them in the frig overnight.

but I had forgotten to pack my toothpaste on my first cruise and asked the room steward if she had any sample sizes. She came back to my cabin with handfulls of sample size toothpaste to use for the week. I'm assuming if you ask your steward, you will get it. (within reason of course).

Casino tip:If you play blackjack, one secret to keep in mind is the Fun21 table - there are NO QUEENS in the decks - They will tell you this IF YOU ASK but what they won't tell you, and 98% of the players do not realize, is that this forces a change in the way you play.. check out and read about SPANISH21 !

morning for breakfast they have those tiny little individual boxes of cereal. There's Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and lots of other name brand cereals. We always grab a few for snacks for us and the kids. The authorities will not confiscate anything that is in a sealed container. And I think it applies to all ports. Though we have taken sandwiches and cookies with us off of the ship with no problem. We never put them in a cooler with our drinks or any other place that would be obvious. Our children have backpacks with a few beach toys in them. We stick our sandwiches and cookies in amongst the toys in the backpacks.

I have heard of people with coolers full of food being stopped. I have also heard of lunch sacks being examined. But a couple snacks in our kids backpacks where the toys are have never been a problem.But if you are a little afraid of getting something confiscated, then go for the foods that are completely sealed and unopened like the cereal. There are other things that are sealed that you can get on the ship. Or you can bring a few of your own snacks as long as they are in a brand new package and unopened. The cookies they have on the buffets and at dinner are not in a package.

If you don't have a fridge in your room and want to take sandwiches ashore for your day excursion, try making them at breakfast. There is always bread available that is used for toast. There is also usually ham and/or turkey lunchmeat that many people put on bagels, etc...for breakfast. That's all you need for a simple sandwich!

Another tip......The Purser's Office will carry stamps of the different countries that you are going to. I like to buy my stamps ahead of time so I don't have to find a post office in each port. Makes it much easier to send the postcards home from the different ports.
Another sneaky pictrure option, ask the person in line behind you to take a photo of you with your perosnal camera at the same time the phtographer is....we have done this a lot and the pictures come out very nice!
If we have a fridge, we freeze damp washcloths the night before going ashore. Pack the frozen washcloths on ice in a zip lock bag and use them to cool off with while walking around.
If you want orange juice any time remember the exact place you got it during breakfast time. All they do is take off the label orange Juice making you think there is no OJ.

How about a FREE FACIAL?After getting settled in your cabin, go up to the salon - spa area and let someone at the desk know you are willing to be a volunteer for whatever during the spa tour later that day... I haven't missed a free facial yet, and it's kinda fun to be the model and listen to all the questions people ask!Also, check out the INTERNET CAFE for a drawing for free internet minutes (day one only)... check the CAPERS waiting in your cabin.
Order your coffee and danish the night before so when you wake up, you won't have to wait for that first cup of coffee. (even 10 minutes feels like forever......I love my first cup of java)Make sure you check your daily charges so if there's a dispute, you can deal with it right away. Sometimes we forget from days before!

I too use the ziploc bag idea. Another idea for packing your lunch that morning is to go to the breakfast buffet. They always have bread available for toast. They also usually have turkey and ham available for those that want to make bagel sandwiches, etc....Voila - you have lunch! I have found room service to be slow on the mornings in port so this is quicker for us. I've never had any problem getting off the ship with my lunches either. Now of course I don't have them sitting on top of my purse in plain sight, but I've never been stopped. Something else we've done is to order room service the night before with chips and cookies. We make fresh sandwiches in the a.m., but the chips and cookies from the night before are fine if you put in baggies and now you have an even better lunch!

When the lights start to dim in the dining room this means Entertainment is coming. Make sure you have your camera ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need post cards, go to the pursers desk... they have those with the picture of the ship for free!

First things first on a cruise
take pictures for review and blog
have drink of the day

Register the kids for their perceptive carnival clubs
find out out about being a model for spa treatments
see where dinner is in which Main Dining room
do sign and sail account
eat lunch in Lido deck
go see room
go to pursers desk and see about free playing cards
attend shore/ shopping talk
sign up for cooking demo
have sail and sign cards punched
explore the ship
order cheese dessert tray for balcony to have with wine

don't forget about these events: Meet & Greet - 1/2 hour after Muster Drill on the Aft/Port Corner Lido Deck Bar (no name on deck plans just Bar)
Cocktail Party - 1st Sea Day, August 29 @ 1:30 PM (TBD, we need 20 people)
Supper Club - 2nd Sea Day, August 31 @ 6:00 PM

more to come

Don’t sit in the balcony when attending shore/shopping talks, they give stuff away and it rarely makes it past first 15 rows of main area.

My daughter is a vegetarian and they brought stuff for her not on the menu (cheese pizza, grilled cheese, and pasta) and alter some things on the menu to make it vegetarian.

Kids can order Shirley Temples, Roy Rogers, cherry coke & cherry sprite with their drink Cards.

If booking more than 8 cabins call the Carnival Group department- worth it

If the port is not a tender port and you are there for most of the day you can come back on board, freshen up, drop off packages, grab a bite to eat (it's already paid for) and go back out.

Book Shore excursion on your own in MOST cases- we saved over $500 by doing this last year and got to see & do more. Check these boards for suggestions- they were all pretty accurate. Ask lots of questions.

We do room service in morning for our teenage kids so they can sleep in a little later
If it is not on the menu ask. My wife & I were not feeling good on Key lime pie night and asked the next night for it and they delivered.

Like the chocolates on your people? The room steward will give you more for free if you ask. One time they gave my kids a large bag of them.

On my suitcases, I tie bright ribbons or whatever I can find at home so I can find my bags quicker once I get to "Suitcase Island".

Don't overplan your day. It's very easy to plan something for every minute you're awake. But you won't make it to everything, and the sun will sap your energy. Plan the things you REALLY want to do, and keep others in mind. If you have been lookin gforward to the galley tour for the whole trip, you don't want to be too tired to enjoy it.

Back a change of clothes in your carry on baggage. Sometimes it may take some time to get your baggage.

Pack your own bottled water, or at least an empty bottle. Fill it up before going ashore. It's much cheaper than buying it from the ship.

We had Motorola walkie talkies we brought from home. Spent a few minutes finding a channel no one else was using, but they worked fine. We tried to keep the use of them to a minimum in consideration of our fellow cruisers, but it was great to have them on a couple of occasions.

We have used the washers/dryers on both of our previous cruises..I would advise you to use them first thing in the morning however, as that seemed to be the time they were being used the least.

Here's a water tip. we always get more than one bucket of ice, 1 we let melt and use for drinking. ice makers usually have filters on them and the water tastes better for drinking. we also refill water bottles this way to take ashore with us. we always end up buying more water to drink on shore, but its a start.

- Always use the porters at the ports. Hand them a $20, and all your bags, and they'll work wonders for you.

- Learn and use the crew member's names, and smile. They're doing the same for you most of the time, and a little kindness can go MILES. You'll be surprised at the service you can get. "Please" and "thank you" can work miracles.

- Send yourself a Bon Voyage gift of champagne and snacks. Carnival does a FANTASTIC job of having it set up in your cabin all ready for you when you board the ship. (wish Princess was as good at this)

- Make photo copies of your passport (inside page with your photo/ID#/date of issue/exp), credit cards, and air tickets - if they're not e-tickets - and put them in the safe, another set of copies keep in your luggage under the bed [also carry one of the sets with you-not in your luggage in case it goes missing on your flight].

- Be VERY CAREFUL of cotton or cotton-blend swimsuits in the jacuzzis - these are SALT WATER, and hot salt water will BLEACH your suit - trust me on this one.

- Take advantage of the steam rooms in the spa. mmmmmmmm

- When having any service in the spa - tell them up front you already use and have MOST of the Elemis products, and order off the web. They won't try to SELL you to death.

- SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN (Bull Frog 36 waterproof spray rocks)


I noticed several comments about not ordering the drinks of the day in the big plastic hurricane cup because "it's a waste of money." What I guess a lot of people don't realize is if you hold on to that plastic cup, the next time you need a refill, it is only $4.95 compared to the original $6.95. If you order the drink of the day in the small glass, I believe you also pay $4.95, but it doesn't hold as much as the hurricane cup.

  1. Never pack all of a persons clothes in the same bag. Seperate everything equally amoungst the bags even if it makes unpack a bear.
  2. Get your luggage outside the door early on the last night.
  3. Pack lots of undergarmets in your carry-on.
  4. Go with a good sense of humor and a sense of adventure - you never know when you're going to need both.
you can also get ice cream in the dinning room every night in any flavor. I love chocolate and sherbet so I would have both flavors of icecream and a dessert or two off of the menu every night. I can hardly move after dinner!

Also, I am super picky. On my first cruise, I ordered a steak or something and I didn't like the fancy sauces they like to put on it. My waiter would see that I wasn't eating my dinner (I figured I'll eat something else later) and he would ask if I wanted something else and I felt bad about asking for something else. Now, I order two right off the bat when I think I might not like something. I think I ordered everything that I possibly would have liked one night and I didn't like any of it so my waiter asked if I wanted chicken or steak even though it wasn't on the menu. I think fish is another option that you can always choose, whether it's on the menu or not.

My suggestion when it comes to the dinning room, if there is anything you want, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, they cook meat closer to what rare actually is. I always ask for rare in restuarants and I get what I really want, medium rare. On a cruise ship I usually ask for medium rare and I actually get it.

Bring some binoculars. It's fun to see what that blip on the horizon is... Heyyy, how'd THEY get ahead of us?? Leave them out on the balcony in a zip lock bag. If you keep them in the cool dry cabin, then whenever you take them outside they'll fog.

-Buy a nice straw hat for $15 before the cruise or you'll pay three times as much for the exact brand.

  1. If you don’t like what is offered on the main menu, you can ask the waiter for either a steak or grilled chicken.
  2. Any pasta item on the main menu CAN be ordered as an appetizer. Just ask.
  3. Post cards, foreign postage stamps and playing cards are available at the pursars desk.
  4. Get a FREE lanyard at the Casino. Pursars desk will punch a whole in it for you.
  5. 24 hour pizza place also serves Calzones and Caesar salads. If you want a special topping and they have it they will make you that pizza.
  6. Go to tea-time they have different snacks and its a nice place to relax
  7. Ask the steward if you forget something ie toothpaste...they often have samples
  8. Bring baggies of assorted sizes. For saving snacks for excursions and wet clothes.
  9. Take the tour of the galley
  10. Bring on own bottles of water, and soda and save $$$
  11. Bring a reusable cup with lid...less trips to get a drink
  12. Ask for your drink in a plastic cup (not the fancy one ) saves $$$
  13. You may be able to eat free lunch at the places they charge for dinner
  14. Orange juice is available at the same place all day they just remove the label
  15. You may get a free facial if you call the spa and ask to be a volunteer.
  16. Tie a bright ribbon/scarf to your luggage for easy spotting. Also can work on cabin door
  17. When the regular hot tub is too full, use the spa one.
  18. Use of the sauna/steam room is free
  19. Use the spa shower if multiple people need to shower at same time
  20. Ask for children’s dessert menu (banana splits)
  21. Bring Duct tape
  22. Bring a highlighter
  23. Bring post it notes
  24. Sit close at the port talks sometimes they toss out free stuff
  25. You can ask for extra pillow chocolates
  26. bring an extension cord/power strip
  27. Early and extra tips for stewards = more perks for you
  28. You can order free drinks from the bar in the room at Captains dinner as opposed to those on the tray.
  29. Bring travel hooks to hang stuff in your room
  30. Bring a few paper funnels to make filling the water bottle easier.
  31. Bring towels from home to avoid fearing losing one
  32. Take a hand towel with you to the beach it will help remove sand and is handy for lots of other things too
  33. Baby powder helps remove sand
  34. Use a magnet to trick the balcony door into thinking its closed to keep the air on
  35. Most ships have a secret door...find it
  36. you can also print cards to take with you on the layout of the ship...simply use a word document...format in normal 8pt bold: Times New Roman: 8pt and divide into for equal columns.
  37. Self disembarkation is FASTER
  38. It is possible to ‘smuggle’ alcohol on board
  39. Make sure to stock up on "snacks" before debarkation. The wait can be pretty long and everything is closed during this time. Except for the coffee shop which takes cash
  40. Cards become demagnetized don’t use your credit card for the room safe
  41. If the safe will not open call the desk they will send someone to open it
      1. use your telephone for leaving each other messages in the cabins
  42. Did you know you can call Carnival's Bon voyage department and pre-order alcohol to be delivered to your cabin? You can order bottles of hard liquor so that you can make your own drinks. You can't order online. You must call to set this up. It is a little pricey but worth it and cheaper than buying by the drink.
  43. Do walk the entire ship on your first day
  44. You can also ask your Room Steward for the book that is in your cabin
  45. Bring a night light/ alarm clock
  46. bring water shoes
  47. The ship uses two types of toilet paper. Both are made by the same company. The sandpaper they call "envision" you will not want to subject your bottom to for 8 days. Ask your room steward to make sure that your stateroom is stocked with the "preference" paper instead.
  48. Bring a sweater the dining room can be cold

Don't forget extra batteries!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Too funny to pass up posting

I warn you please don't take a drink before you read !!!!!!!!!

This is from a friend who right now resides in Japan and reads my blog

I bookmarked your blog (to read at lunch) on my cell
phone. and why does Dancing Diva never smile in the pics? I mean OK I get
the model thing but here is what transpired before class
(translated as always)
Kids: what are you looking at on your keitai Naked women??
me: NO! Just someones blog from the USA
kids: Is it cool?
me: Kinda

kids: Can we see?
Me: No
Kids: cause its naked
women or a love letter

Me: *sigh* No its not see!
Kids: WAAAAA! Kowaii ! (Waaaa I'm scared)
Me: Why?
Kids: That girl looks mean! She could eat us!
Me: No she wouldn't

Kids: I'm gonna have
nightmares now sensai, tell her to smile.
Me: Fine, just sit down and open your textbook


see she smiles

31 days and Middle school relationships .

Tick tock tick tock as the count down bomb is counting down the day's before boom. I wish some one would blow up the scale. Up one day down the next and up and down. I am on a roller coaster, I hate roller coasters. Get me off of this. Well back to the normal work grind. I just want to go back to bed.

Interesting I had a very long and enjoyable telephone conversation last night with a member of the Cruise Critic roll call. We talked cruise, family,cruise, pets, cruise, life, cruise, feel like her I have known her forever now. I can't wait to talk again via phone, and then put a face to the voice on the cruise.

Relationships, explain to me middle school relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend their going out, out where they don't go any where, no movies, no dinner, no hanging with friends, but they are a steady thing. They tell everyone they are boyfriend and girlfriend and all their friends treat them as a couple. Then !!!!!!!! they break up like a true relationship. Well happened in this house last night. Dancing Diva became single, His parents didn't feel he should have a girlfriend. I didn't have an issue because there was no dating, talking on the phone yes, texting, and more texting yes. But Dancing diva is sad. Oh to be 13 again. Don't they realize there is so much time for relationships. I am sure once school begins they will be an item again, this boy has always liked her since 3rd grade so who knows. I tried to joke with her that on the cruise she could talk talk to other guys and not feel like she was cheating, ( I can't believe I just wrote that ) but now middle school relationships are serious things.

So my goal tonight is to go over my many lists and be sure we have everything, Yeah right I am sure I will find something. Gotta get bug spray gotta get bug spray. Then attempt to fake pack, that should be fun. Under 50 pounds per suit case, 15.00 first suit case., oh boy could be in trouble family of four, clothes lots of clothes, I know I am over packing, what to take what to leave. Need this need that. Have you seen how dancing diva has made her list on top of my list. And every one say's I am bad. Oh to be 13 again.

13 again, no way, no how no magic in the world can make me every want to be 13 again.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost just 30 day's left

That just doesn't seem like enough time for me, I was so in a zone in getting everything done. Now it seems like I am running out of time. It is just there is still lots to do. I need to get the dogs updated on shots, then I still need to find a place to board them, We have never boarded our dogs. In between we have to bring law student home then prepare her to go to where ever she decides, then we have to take business student to his university. The younger ones need to be enrolled in school. School starts here I believe the 12th of August. So then I have to go speak with the school about them being gone a week. That shouldn't be a problem they both are good students and I will request work for them to do while we are gone.

I need to take my husbands pants to be altered and the one dress I want to wear the green multi colored. Then I will have to test pack so I can weigh the suitcases. So I went to Wal-mart last night bought the battery operated candles, For sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. I also went looking for white capris couldn't find any so I bought longer walking shorts in white to go with the long pink shirt. I also bought white loose fitting leggings but not sure I want to wear leggings at my age.

Exercising will become a priority these final 30 day's, maybe I can tone my jelly belly it would be nice but we will see. We really don't want to scare the little kids in the pool and some one yell beached whale and try to harpoon me. That could be embarrassing funny but embarrassing.

I am sure Dancing Diva is going to want her hair highlighted again, I am going to need my roots done, If not I will have to field questions about are these your grandchildren. I so hate that, I can't help it I didn't have my children till I was 28 and the last when I was 41, and they are spaced wide apart. It wasn't planned just how that worked.

My lil guy is getting antsy he wants to go go go and it's hard for him to understand all in good time. I still need to write their cruise contract. We all need to remember vacation is a new thing to us, something we have not gotten to do as a family and it's sad that it's not the whole family.

My lil guy he is the sweetest little boy, well young man, it's hard to remember he is 11 he is the baby and he is little doesn't look his age so when I was buying for him I tried to think pre teen and not little boy. I am hoping the specialist he sees can correct all this. But time will tell. Because of this and the fact he is the baby he has developed a mouth and an attitude sometimes so bad you want to stomp him in the ground. Wait though dancing diva is just as bad and we are all going to be stuck together in a little room. Where I am OCD about everything picked up and everything in it's place Oh joy. No I am just kidding, Oh wait no I am not.

I guess it's good we are not drinkers, although I signed us up for the Cocktail party, that is going to be an expensive one or two drinks, because thats about all I can do, and not sure that hubby will even do that. I sure hope he does, but neither of us will over do it on the ship, this is good for the sign and sail account. I have to remember to get the kids the bottle of look like wine, so we can toast the sail away. I may get so weird looks from customs but it is non alcoholic.

Well the on-line friend I mentioned sent me a link to FREE Cruise Vacation guide which is good as I read everything cruise related and you never know I may have missed something important that we all need to know.

Well that is it for this morning, Dancing Diva has ASA softball tryouts at 2:00 I am going to try and get some pictures today.
Write to you all soon

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well sleep who needs it

You know on the weekends your suppose to be able to sleep. well first hubby woke me up to say good by and did I have any ones he could have, Then I fall back to sleep and my son wakes me up to tell me he has to go to work, He is late and wrote the wrong time he had to be there down. So up at 6:25 so much for sleep. So the house is quiet the two little ones are sleeping. I don't know if 13 and 11 classify as little.

It's raining again, rain rain rain will it ever stop. It is official I have to diet hard, this mornings weigh in was sad. it wasn't bad but 2 pounds I didn't need. I never realized how I hate being plump, fat, overweight you name it I feel it.

Well as long as the money jar keeps getting fatter, We have this old Hi-C juice jug that we put all loose change in. Been doing it for about 2 years, right now it weighs 16.2 pounds. I put the change I throw on the bottom of my purse in there. This is part of the vacation fund. I wonder how much extra money is in there. Well we have 30 some odd days to continue to put change in there. Good thing the bank counts loose change for free.

We took this in the Italian Restaurant it is a good picture but look quick as I never post pictures of me. Who wants to see a 50 something over weight person when they can look at my beautiful daughters.

This was a nice dinner and a nice time. I think I will blog when we do go on vacation and post pictures. I think I will continue to blog.

So I posted my casual clothes, I am not real happy about them, but I don't think anything I put on I will be happy with, but from the photo's I see several things I need to change. when I do I will repost those. So I have been conversing with a fellow cruiser for the past week, I can say I have enjoyed our e-mails. Can not wait to meet her in person, she seems like she can be a lot of fun.
I thought I would show you all my oldest son

my Business major

Friday, July 23, 2010

Home again

Well we have made it home, Nothing as nice as being home, Now don't get me wrong we had a good time, I spent time with my girls and some wonderful fellow managers, I just hate these meetings. Long and boring is all, food is great could be why I gained 2 pounds. But now that I am home it is back to the strict diet, I really loved getting into my favorite shorts I have not seen in three years.

Okay so I need to get back in vacation mode, I sure hope that is an easy thing to do, or it's going to sneak up on me before I know it. While in Indy Dancing Diva got a couple more shirts, Dancing Diva is a clothes horse. But she has a cute body and wears her clothes well, besides she has a sense for fashion.

So I think all I have to get for this cruise is hubby some sneakers, which I think is great, a couple disposable underwater camera's. Bug spray a thermal coffee cup. I think I will then be good to go. Who would have thought we have gone from 100 day's to 34 till we leave for Florida. I know between now and then I will be like Santa Clause and will be checking that list once or twice or at least 100 more times to be sure we have everything.

Oh and lucky me, The US government sent me a letter telling me the Birth Certificate I have used for 51 years doesn't meet their standards. Good thing I ordered another one, sent it to them when I got home propriety lets hope my pass port card comes because now they have my Birth certificate and I don't!!!!!

Did I tell you all there is no place like home and so glad to be here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 4 our last day and night in Indy.

Well my seminar is almost over, and Law student will be heading back to Michigan today sometime, Just thinking about it depresses me and I miss her already. This will be a day they will have to be on their own as they can not join me for lunch, we have a business lunch then an award presentation. So I left them money so they could eat, I met back up with them at 3:00 pm, went to get 1/2 price shacks at Steak and Shake walked around the downtown mall for a bit. law student left at 5:00, not realizing that it was Indy rush hour.

She got home about 10:00 pm. Dancing Diva and I went to the other mall for awhile then had Taco Bell. We are now going to walk down town Indy so she can see the lights and buildings lit up. Then pack and bed.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The start of day 3 in Indiana

I am so happy the girls are having a great time. Today I think they are going to Indiana University to look at the law school. My lawyer to be wants to transfer out of Michigan and come a little bit closer home. I would love for her to go to a school in Illinois and she is hoping they except her. She will be only 2.5 hours from home. But she needs to go where she feels comfortable.It is so nice to hear her laugh, laughing is always the best medicine. To see that smile that used to light up a room. This decision for her to spend the week was the best. And for them to have a good time is a plus. I can still see she is hurting and her and I will have to talk before she heads back. She needs to know, not that she doesn't already know but when it gets tough she can come home, regroup recharge and face the world. The world is a big place and no one should be afraid to live in it.

Tonight we all go to dinner together, then a carriage ride always wanted to do that to see the sites around downtown Indy. I get to spend more time with my girls, that is always fun. I look forward to that at the end of each day of this seminar. My girls both growing up, I remember bringing them both home as my boys. My boys are also spending the week together. That is harder because the lil guy is well lets say he is trying. I know his big brother is great with him but we all need more patients with this 11 year old. He is still wavering between the baby of the family and he is a big boy.

Well she got on to Indiana University School of Law, That puts her a little closer she was very happy as was I.

Dinner was good way too much food, Diet not happy, But Canoli's were delicious. The carriage ride was so relaxing, We were suppose to celebrate Law students achievement I bought two bottles of champagne but alas no one bothered to come, story of my life.