Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diva and the Stage

Let me tell you about my dancing Diva, since she was little she was what my mother used to say about her big sister she is one with the stage. She loves the stage and the stage loves her. The problem with that is the venue she chooses always deals with judges. Not that is not a bad thing but when your dive sometimes it's your world.

Pageants and diva where hard, she was just as beautiful as the rest, she was just as poised as the rest and she was just as photogenic as the rest. But there was always one that was better. Crowning was always heartbreaking she was always so close won many titles and several big ones, But there were pageants we went to year after year getting closer and closer to achieving her goal of the big one.

She always looked and did beautiful here she is in western wear

and again in swimwear

and here she is in beauty

Then she tried talent

Then she left Pageants and went to dance
her first trio

her first solo

next year
one of her fav dances
last years solo

Diva is far right perfect c jump

she won a photo contest with this shot of a pretty leap
Production Yesterday this one won a diamond, overall and costume award, Costumes came from India
yesterday's solo
so with her mom made costume she rocked the stage she was awesome no matter what those poopy headed judges thought, she made this dance her own she was awesome and I was so proud to hear all the people after she danced people we didn't know say how wonderful she was.

She has come so far since her very first dance recital, I can never be more proud of my Dancing diva

Keep reaching for those stars Diva they are with in your reach

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow snow and more snow

So day two of the snow, not so much fun if you ask me, So the kids got off school at 12:00 yesterday and today there was no school, so with tomorrow. Lilman spent the day building a fort, Diva was sewing bells for her bollywood costume. My hubby snow blew the yard. Me I didn't do a whole lot. although I did stone the flower that is going on her shirt for her solo and then I trimmed her skirt. Washed so clothes and cooked dinner. I am not sure about work tomorrow we will see I have lots to do but I really don't want to leave the kids home alone.

Her flower

her skirt before the trimming

Now the snow from last night

then today

Life in the midwest can sometimes be challenging it is either to hot, to cold or raining. We wanted to see the season change and boy do we ever. But we have to roll with the punches I guess and just know that where there is winter there is spring lololololol