Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weather I hate it

Last weekend I packed away all my fall and winter clothes and brought out my spring and summer. Well mostly summer and wouldn't you know it was down right freaking cold this morning and I had nothing to wear. I love to wear skirts all summer but it was too cool for this. Urggg oh well I at least had pants and a sweater.

I was thinking today I really hope I don't turn into the type person some of my residents are. All they know how to do is complain and trust me they know how to do it and do it well. I am in the middle of redecorating the common areas of the building this year. Last year we did the out side and all I heard was I hate the colour of the siding I hate the paint and to be honest it changed the whole out look of the property. So now we have moved to the inside and we are doing it in stages. First stage paint, again they hate the colour, we went with a dusty pink with a light yellow trim, and they are very striking together, Now mind you the building was white trimmed in orange from the 1960's. We did the community room and library in green with a pale tan accent walls. And all I have heard for two weeks is bitch moan and complain.
Community room with new decorations Flower picture in the community room on the tan wall picture I just bought with the table decorations , Now we have to replace the orange chairs. The put the new carpet and the hardwood floor looking tile floor. when it all comes together it will look wonderful and bring the building into this century and not making it so old looking, It looks warm and inviting and I just can't seem to please any one

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain, Rain and more rain

So it's storming and it's storming. Thunder, lightning and we have had hail, I am so tired of rain, and nasty weather I want spring but spring didn't come and it's going to go straight into summer.
So school has let out, and already Diva is bored. I can not help it we live out of the way and their are no other children around here and you need a car to go any where. It's going to be a long summer . Good thing I work, or I might be missing kids.

So I sent carnival an e-mail to see what kind of break we would get if we booked nine rooms on a cruise, I still want to do the whole family thing, date wise it could be a nightmare but I am willing to try and figure it all out. I know with my whole family flying is out of the question, so I don't want to limit what port we go out of and try and make it easy for every one,. Florida has several ports so I am looking into all of those. Then there is where do we go, I love sea days and would love to have 3 but most cruises only have two, and then there is that song going on in my head

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica

Off the Florida Keys there's a place called Kokomo

I could always put all the destinations up and throw a dart.

I really hope this all works out and every one gets to go, it is not to often that we as a whole family and I mean whole family get to do something, A renewal would be nice as my sisters never got to share in the day when we got married. I know right now it is a dream but we will see what transpires here in the next couple of months and then we can all make a decision on what we all want to do.

Now met my new babies, these puppies were born 2-24-2011 and yes they are brothers I helped their mom, my bichion deliver them and their sister

Gizmo my werewolf puppie he has hair growing every where on top of hair, His name fits him so perfect. As he is as bad as the Gremlins in the movie

This lovable tun of fun is as he is called Reed such a sweet and docile baby he is named after the adorable genius he was named after on Criminal minds

My baby boys

Now there was a 3rd baby and she is a girl and her name is Bella and she has a furever home with friends of ours. I couldn't make up my mind on which one of the boys to keep so my hubby told me to just keep them both. So now we have dexter, prada, gizmo and reed and lets not forget green

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think I found the dress

I believe I found the perfect dress and I think I will be buying it so that I have it. It's so perfect for a renewal service any where. Park. Lake, cruise any where but a church and I already had a church wedding. This is it and it isn't expensive I love it.

Diva graduated today

so grown up

why do they grow up so fast ???

Monday, May 23, 2011

So much has gone on

Boy it's been awhile since I have blog. I never thought I would quit. I will try to catch every one up. Life here has not changed very much,

Law student is still in Indy she is doing an intern ship for the prosecutors office, right now it is a non paying job but you have to start some where and we are very proud of her. Found out they placed her in the domestic violence division. She will research and be the gopher but she also will be going to court with the attorney so she is excited about that. So with that being said she will be in Indy for the summer and we will not get to see her much. Although she was just here for two weeks and it was great to have her here. I will see her in July when I go to Indy for my company seminar. On the bigger news, Law student has a steady fella, She say's its love and its so great to see her happy.

Business student has come home. It is always good when he comes home. I don't know I just like having my children home. I would assume he is doing well as he hasn't said anything other wise. I think he starts work again June 5th, He will again be working at the truck stop.

lilman ran track this year and was great to watch him run, he did the 100 dash, the 800 and then the 4x1 and the 4x2. He went to sectionals as a 6th grader and that was awesome. lilman is lilman, who grew 7 inches in less then a year and she has upped his meds. But on the down side he was the subject to bulling but I think we have that issue handled.

Diva oh Diva she quit dance for the season in March to run track and play ASA ball. She hasn't decided if she wants to continue with dance as her heart just isn't in it. I never thought that this day would come, There is still hope she will go back but it is completely up to her. Softball has been rough on her. I don't think this is the team for her, I could be wrong and i just sit back and watch as I don't want to make waves and get in the way of her playing. Her coach announced that she won't be back next year so I am unsure if there is even going to be a team. But we have several tournaments in the coming weeks so then she will have so much team time I only can hope she has playing time.

Divas bid for state fell short, she was third in the hurdles and you have to be 1st and 2nd to go to state, she was 5th in the 100 dash and her 4x1 fell flat. She informed me that she has chosen to run track in high school and not play ball. But I was so proud of both her and lilman.

Diva graduates 8th grade and is now on High school, and last week she tried out for the football cheerleading squad and made the team I never saw any one so happy as she was that night. So it is back to the football field for us.

So I am planning a cruise for summer of 2012. It will be to celebrate law students graduation from law school. Business students graduation from college and our 29-30 wedding anniversary.

Not sure where yet or what ship or what month even but I am planning.

So I decided to get ideas on renewal dresses here are three very different styles what do you think



So cruise planning the fun the horror the terror, at least this time I wont be going kicking and screaming