Sunday, January 30, 2011

Law Student and her New home

yup she went and did it, moved into a house with a room mate, wants to be a big girl and live on her own, It's cute little house, small and cozy just right for two girls. Duggie seems to like it too. ( the dog)

We left here Friday Morning really early with my van loaded and her car and headed to Indy.
The night before we had gone to walmart to pick a few things and a futon was one of them, Dad was not thrilled but she needed a place to sleep. At least it was in a box and we threw it on top of my van.

Her is the out side of her house

See it is cute

Complete with a Jacuzzi

Living room



undecorated bathroom

her bedroom

I didn't get any shot of it with what she hung up it looked really cute

Her office

Now I need law student to send me pictures as her house gets done, and she completely decorates.

Although she did find a good deal on a couch at goodwill with two recliners in it for 34.99

not too bad. It did make for two long days, and she didn't want us to leave and we didn't want to leave but we all needed to do our separate things. It is so hard to let them go I will worry sio much about her.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alice Dance

This is her new solo, it's still rough around the edges, I do hope we can get it cleaned up and perfected before next weekend. She is going to have her work cut out for her I know. But I have faith in this child as a dancer that I know she can do it and do it awesome

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Law Student has invaded my house

So law student is home again and now my clean and organized house for the next few day's will have boxes every where. She is going to be going through her belongings and taking a majority of them. this a big step yeah because it means she really is moving out. Moving out and growing up, she is going to live with a room mate but she will be on her own.

Not a college dorm or college housing but a house of her own. She will need all her kitchen supplies, her bath supplies and her bedding, she will have to take care and fend for her self. But she is a smart kid and knows what to do. How to budget,

It's funny as I watch all the boxes come in how many boxes she has, well she was away at Purdue for 4 years then Michigan for a year and now back in Indy. I am just so glad I have a child or I should say a young adult who is comfortable with her life and who she is.

Solo costume

Dancing Diva's solo costume is the only input I have on what she wears when she dances that dance. I normally look and look till I know I have found the perfect one. So far I have done pretty good in picking them out and have not been shot down yet

Her first solo if my friends could see me now

From Legally blonde

last year
dreaming with a broken heart

Now this year she dances to Alice and this will be her costume

Now I made the skirt I am very proud of my self it does need to be shorter but we will do that. It didn't take long to accomplish this.

this will be the top

under the skirt

she will wear one black and one red of these

and this will go I think on the top and I will stone it and the shirt

I am excited to see it all come together Now to figure out her hair

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dance is so disappointing

I would have thought when you voice your opinion and tell some one what you didn't like about something and what you did not want to happen and what your concerns were that they would listen, act on it and improve the situation.

when I had stressed what I didn't want to happen, to happen again it seems all my concerns have fallen on deaf ears. why set up a dancer for failure and bad scores. Yes she is a good dancer and yes she is a powerful dancer but come on, give her something.

I asked Miss Diva if she would prefer to be criticized and corrected in front of everyone instead of having nothing said after running her solo. She would prefer the corrections. She wants to know what she is doing, what she needs to improve on, and how to better execute the moves. She can not improve and truly represent the Studio if no one and I mean no one helps her.

She was so down on her self last night that it was hard to watch her. Would it hurt to help her. They help every one else. Now I get why she feels this way, This situation will have to reassessed if they are going to treat her like a nothing and continue to play the she is not there game then maybe she should not be there. Why make her learn recital dances when she isn't doing the recital and her time could be better spent on the solo. Oh yeah I know they don't want her to succeed and do better then the chosen ones I get it now

Monday, January 24, 2011

so what is with the weather

It's Monday and we have freezing fog, Come on freezing fog. I guess Mother nature is mad at all of us. One day last week it snowed in 49 states, didn't think that was possible but it did. I like snow but I have my limits to that. I hate cold it just makes everything feel and look different. Dress in layers to keep warm then if you get hot you start peeling them away.

Monday that means back to work back to plumbing issues, back to not liking my job very much this month. If it could ever be worked out I would love to stay at home, you know that was the deal when we moved 18 years ago that I wouldn't have to and I could stay home. Well we see how that worked out. I am so tired of dealing with every ones tiny issues it isn't even funny.

I know my husband forgets I have a broken hand, he comes in this morning and say's the big dog is out you need to bring him in. Hum No can't do that he is huge and rough and pulls and I can't. Well he gets mad at me. Well I am sorry.

Well off to work

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Relaxation 101

So every one needs a lesson in relaxation 101, I am so tired of yelling the same thing every weekend, you know Clean your room, Don't shove the clean & dirty clothes behind the bed, so that we wash the same clothes that you don't wear ever every weekend. I know you own more then one pair of underwear. And is there a reason your room smells like a toxic dump. And the garbage is piling up in the comer. Well I could have said Calgon take me away which would have been an easy fix, But no I did one better.

Grabbed my nook reading the third book in the series of FBI agent Karen Vale, this book is called Velocity, First book was a free one 7th victim was free book on Barnes and Nobles Free Friday's when I finished it I then read Crush which I bought at a discount then it went free oh well. I enjoy these books, I go between several authors and so far I have really enjoyed the reading.

So I had my nook, my blanket, my wine and the Fireplace, soft music playing in the background and my cares and woes disappeared. I have my domain where I leave the world of my life and become the book. It is like the page-master and I so enjoy it. although the love seat gets a little crowded with me and the two dogs and it cramps my style but they so love to cuddle.

So the toxic dumps are still there and the clothes are still not put away. But I am relaxed to the point I don't care at the moment. maybe the two kids will understand that it doesn't take much to keep the mom happy if they would just do it and do it right the first time we could do so many other things then worry about the rooms. But till they see this they will have to listen to me yell.

my cuddle buddies

Law Student

Law student is moving she has found a house for her and her roomie. She is very excited and I am for her. Now the problem is getting with her to help her move her things. she had wanted to do it this coming weekend but I am going to have to tell her we can't as it is my husbands holiday party and those plans were made weeks ago. Next weekend after that is Dancing Diva's first comp. Oh well we will figure it out.

So I got a new phone, and let me tell you it has more gadgets on there then any sane person needs. It is taking a whole lot of getting used to. The only up side is I don't have to pay for ringtones any more because wait for that there is an app for that. Who needs an i-phone when you can get a droid.

We have been in sub zero weather and it's cold, when I mean cold I mean cold. Well it's play-off Sunday and I have a house divided, with Bears and Packers. Then after the game business student heads back to Millikin, It's been great having both him and Law student home, makes me sad when they leave.

Work, Oh plumbing problems have kept me on my toes, Resident called the police on me Thursday because I wanted to take her and show her where she was going to be staying for the next ten days. I swear sometimes the elderly are worse then kids.

I am awaiting Dancing Diva's costumes then I will need to stone them and give them Bling. Oh I love bling, on the hunt for Alice In Wonderland appliques I am having a hard time finding these But I am sure I will find something that will work.

I finally took all my summer clothes out of my closet and can now hang everything up in the closet. That was a pain in the butt.
Okay it's almost game time. I will leave you with this

How about them Dolphins

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So it's hard to type with a broken bone

You take your hands for granted, I know I do, but it is so hard to do things when you have limited use of your hand because it's in a boot for the hand to help heal a broken bone.

Sunday was dancing Diva's 14th birthday, man where did the time go. we went shopping with my sister and her daughter on Saturday after Solo practice. We were a little disappointed in the mall not at all what it used to be, although we had a good time, Gotta love the Yankee Candle clearance. I now have three new tart burners for Christmas and with the other one I bought a couple of weeks ago I now have four. I can have a really smelly house now.

I also discovered I no longer fit in to some of the full figure stores for clothes, Although I was disappointed about the skirt I wanted to buy it just fell right off me. So that I guess is a plus for me. I was looking for an outfit to wear to my husbands after holiday's party for his work, But I think I am covered I bought a sweater and then in Penneys I bought some pants.

Diva picked up some shirts, and assoc, and then we went to Gordmans and we both got some cologne. I like this not smoking thing cause now I can smell good.

Sunday on her birthday the 5 of us Law student is back at school went to the movies good thing there is a 5.00 movie house. We saw a Narnia movie it wasn't to bad but had we all watch the second one which we own I think we would have understood the movie better. Then we went to the grocery store that didn't make diva to happy but hey we have to eat.

At work I am dealing with sewer smell issues not to fun, and the elderly is worse then a room full of kindergartners.

Law student has found a house with her friend so she is moving out of Wendy's house she is excited I know, Wendy is sad as she is a great person to have around law Student. So she will have to come home on a weekend since she doesn't have class on Friday's and sort through her things and now she will be taking quite a bit with her as she has to decorate her house along with her room mate. She does plan on being there for awhile,.

Diva now in retrospect.

born 1-16-97 6 lb 5 oz born on the coldest day in history it was 30 below or more

Grandma and home from the hospital she then weight 5-10 oz

just a little under 6 months

first dance recital

first big pageant

first Christmas

audition for America's got talent

she can hurdle

she can play softball
she is smart

she can dance

lots of talent
She has a great smile

Happy Birthday B keep reaching for those stars, One day yo will touch them