Sunday, March 27, 2011

Closing a chapter for now

I don't know what next year will bring, but it's saddens me that we dancing Diva and I are closing a chapter in her life right now. Since she was 7 she has been my dancing diva. I was oh so proud of her the first time she took to the dance stage, She was what my Mom would call one with the stage. She was made for the stage and she so enjoyed it. It hasn't always been the easily of roads and we have hit many bumps, shared many problems and tears her and I. I can say with all my heart I am so proud of her for her commitment and dedication to something that she has a passion for. I have watched her grow, mature and make some hard choices when it comes to dance.

Not going to the studio will be hard for the next few months as she won't be in recital, So we have no new costumes, Her friends at the studio have changed and grown apart, this happens while growing up we have all went through it. I think she is teetering on broadening her options with what she wants to do. This year was a learning curve as she was there but not really there. While she has no aspirations to become a famous dancer she would love to still dance. With going to High school there are other things she may want to try her hand out and I just don't think there is a studio out there who will allow her to be a part time team member including where she has been for so very long. She say's she may want to cheer for the high school, she wants to still run track and then there is softball.

The commitment to any studio on time to dance is going to be difficult, I know I will support her in what ever she decides but I know I cried today when I watched her as I said to myself this could be the very last time I see her on the stage. This saddens me, they all grow up and move on but what then do I do to occupy my time when I have spent their whole lives doing for them, making sure they get to do what they want to do. It will leave a void in my life that can not be filled.

I felt this way when my business student had his last high school football game and I realized wait what do I do now on Friday nights. Football was a staple and I so enjoyed the rush of the game and watching 67 plow through people and make holes for the runner to carry the ball. That was a sad night indeed. Same when Law student said Mom I just don't want to do pageants any more but that was easy she was 7 and we had just moved. Her and I then got involved with dog showing and that occupied my time and hers till Diva and lilman came along,

My advice to all of you is have outside interests that don't involve your kids because one day you will like me and have nothing to do.

I will leave
you with this from today

still my high flying girl

What ever she choices to do I will stand behind her and support her

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow it's been awhile

I cannot believe it's been a month since I've done any blogging and I have to say I miss it.
Not a whole lot going on here in the household, well there are a few things, Dancing diva is getting braces and is taking a break from dance. Track is coming up and I can not wait to see her hurdle. Softball is in full swing now and she is excited.

Lilman hasn't done much and I think we missed the deadline on spring soccer but he doesn't seem to be overly upset about that. Business student went to Panama City Florida with his college friends I think he had a good time. Law student has been very quiet since she moved into her own place, Just don't hear from her like I used to.

The inlaws seem to be on a new every two plan with house buying and they have bought another house. It seems as they get older there is not any pleasing them where they live, although the mom in law say's this is the last time they are moving, I have heard that before.

I have been busy redecorating one of my offices, this has been fun and I have enjoyed it. I also have been interviewing for a new maintenance man as my one is retiring, You know it's time as I have found so much that has been neglected it just makes me sick. Diva and lilman have spent the first two day's of their spring break picking up garbage on the property. Some people are just pigs. So in rare manager form sent them several letters in the past two day's. Lets hope that they heed the warning.

The huge news if you can call it news is the arrival of 3 puppies to our house and boy are they cute. They will be 4 weeks old here in a few day's so I will share some of these photo's with you all



my new babies